Charlie’s travels – New Zealand 2

In timaru at the mo, left Dunedin in a huge blur, Elin leaving for good so had loads of people to race round and say goodbye to, (Uncle p and aunty c thanku for the dinner – much appreciated!) Had a mad night out with Elins rugby team, they lost the finals but didnt stop them partying! Funny story the next morning where Elin couldnt rmemeber where the car was.. caught her moments before she was going to report it stolen! Anyway eventually made it out of dunedin after a flat tyre and scouring Mosgiel for a mechanic! Made it to Queenstown late on monday and eventually found a hostel with some space. Spent a sleepless night thinking about bungy jumping the next day! Booked nevis Bungy the next morning (134m, the highgest in NZ!!!!) There was no doubt in my mind that I actually was going to die. (Uncle Don is superhuman)Got dvd and photographs – madness, – 8 seconds of free fall, you cant begin to imagine!So anyway after QTown we drove up to Wanaka, passed the restaurant where Tom worked but Elin was asleep so didnt go in, instead met Heidi my friend from Cambodia/Vietnam at this hostel there which was wkd. Watched our bungy Dvds on this guys laptop! Went tramping the next day, up the RobRoy track to a glacier there, (shocked a few people when we turned up at the starting point in our Ford Laser where evryone else has these huge four wheel drives – pussys.)So then onto Mt Cook that night – ended up staying in Glentanner Park on Lake Pukaki shore, really beautiful lake but weather wasnt so great today so the mountains were in the cloud. So yeah we have just driven form there today to Timaru, had a few minor problems, wrong turns (despite the ridiculous lack of roads in this country its amazing how you can still get lost!!!) oh and got a bit too adventurous forgetting our laser wasnt actually a four wheel drive and ended up stuck in the mud for a while (classic fotos) – but girl scout mode kicked in and with a bit of pushing and digging we made it out eventually! So now we are at this awesome hostel, collecting Jhon from the bus stop tomorrow and then we go to lake Tekapo. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
Posted from New Zealand:

posted Thursday August 2006