Charlie’s travels – USA 33

hey im alive!

the trek was  out of this world – 6 hrs a day and we made it to annapurna base camp (4130m , 360 views of nothing but snow and mountains!) rest of the time it was baking hot

Just flown into kathmandu – dont know what the international media is reporting but dont worry if u hear about the strikes we made it back fine, (a least i can cross the road now there is no traffic!!!) had to leave our porters and our two sherpas dhan and Ghising in pokhara cos no nepali buses running and they cant get flights (too expensive anyway) Met the maoists – terroists? load of bollocks. they were polite and friendly and looked like any other group of people having a cup of tea in a tea house. Anyway more of that later – very surreal coming out of dhampus (the village where our trek ended) we would usuallly have got a bus but we had to start walking the 20 km to pokhara cos at first we couldnt find a driver willing to risk it – luckily only had to walk 2 hrs before someone came and we squeezed 7 of us in the car with all the bags the porters were carrying (they ahd to walk the rest cos we would have been stopped otherwise) road blocks all the way and spent a lot of the time moving brics and stones out of the road, – 

 Still trying to adjust to reality – its like an other world in the mountains with all the little tea houses and so peaceful! will write up some stuff later when im less tired, just wante to say im ok! XXXx
Posted from USA:

posted Saturday April 2006


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