Charlie’s travels – Viet Nam 11

Just in Lau Cao outside the train station – getting the overnight train back to Hanoi . Went trekking today in Sapa – pure comedy – got completely drenched – but we made friends with these little girls that followed us the whole way – (it took them three hours before they asked for money – that has to be a record in Asia! And they even gave us little bracelets for free- how cute!!!!) We looked like complete nobs though- all three of us were wearing these matching coloured raincoat poncho things, with flower reefs on our heads that the girls had made us – plus sara only had flip flops so we spent most of the time in complete hysterics as she walked barefoot through the mud!

 We also bumped into these guys we had met on the boat in Halong bay which was pretty embarrassing ha ha ha  (vietnam is so ridiculous – everyone goes to the same places so you are guaranteed to see the same people)

got to go – so we get into Hanoi at 5am tomoro – ugh! XXXXXX
Posted from Viet Nam:

posted Monday May 2006