Clo – Clo in South America! – Peru 1

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20 Feb 2009
Uaohh! These pictures should be forbidden, because it is not possible to work after seeing them. Go ahead, release your own travel book.

12 Jun 2024
Darren Hughes
Hey Clodagh, like your style. You could be the new Bill Bryson. Are you going to Ecuador? If so mail me and I’ll try to remember what it was like. Take care.

22 May 2024
Hehe. Love the costume!!Did you have men trying to sell you fossils in la paz?!!!

05 May 2024
Clo, I missed a few pages of your blog, don’t know what I was doing. Just read about your cycling terror, how funny. I can’t believe how brave you are, I would be terrified. You are making so many fantastic memories. I’m still crippled with jealousy. I can’t wait to catch up with you when your home. x Les.

25 Apr 2024
Hey Clo – Loving the dress up, I hope you packed it for your return to Dubs! Hee hee…. Can’t wait to read your impressions of Inca Trail! Safe travels, until next time…. Cxx

25 Apr 2024
Hey Clo,
love reading your blog!! So jealous!!
You should take up a career in writing your brilliant. Love the dress up. I can imagibe you dancing away Titicaca style. Enjoy the rest of your trip. Looking forward to the next update. Take care and have a ball xx

23 Apr 2024
p.s. I know I spelt dynamite incorreclty

22 Apr 2024
so much to read, its like dejavu. Did you go in the mines, did you buy dinamite? Hope so! Also, you can add that the amount of silver that was taken from Bolivia was enought to build a solid silver bridge from south America to Europe!!! Take care, dont die. Come back in one piece!!! Later. Michael

22 Apr 2024
Vivienne Cribbs
Hi Clo..Ro sent me the link. Sounds like your having a ball. You could have a career writing (brillant feel like i’m there)…love the blog & the pics..very very funny! Take care & have fun!!! Bye for now!

18 Apr 2024
Just wondering if Kate Moss’s comment about a ‘crock of sh*t’ has anything to do with Ursula’s comment of the 4th April? Love reading your blog, am soooo jealous and wish you a great rest of trip!

17 Apr 2024
Kate Moss
HI Clo,I bought a fab Audi A4 soft top at the weekend.And seeing as I got a wopper pay rise last month myself & Warren are looking at buying a beautiful 1940’s 5 Bed Family Home by the sea in Greystones. Its so cute!I have also been training for the Paris Marathon in May and have lost 17 pounds – so you can imagine how good my ass is looking at the moment.For anyone else apart from Clo who is reading this message the above is a croc of sh*t aimed at Clodaghs amusement. My life has not been filled with exciting events like travelling, meeting people and standing on top of pringle boxes without dinting the packaging and I am striking out with jealousy.So hope you’re having a ball Clo and looking forward to your arrival!When are you home?Dx

16 Apr 2024
Barbara Mulhall
Hi Clo, delighted to hear that you are having such a great time, I am so jealous, you make we want to travel. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and take care.Barbara (M) BNP P

16 Apr 2024
The pics are cool -the Pringle one is brilliant! Ha, ha…. Look at you now miss extreme sports! Loving the blog! Cxx

15 Apr 2024
Well Clo, seems like you’re having a crap and having to drink all that wine as well – a real hardship for you! Thinking of framing the picture of you with a tan! Seriously though, sounds and looks like an amazing trip and a much better option than being here! Take care Urs

04 Apr 2024
Hi Clo,God you really feel you there reading your blog and looking at the photos – only wish I was. Sounds amazing. Enjoy and looking forward to catching up when you get home.

01 Apr 2024
Hey Clo,
Your pics are amazing!!! Continue to have a ball and enjoy every moment of it it girl! looking forward to hearing all your stories wen you get back. Take care. Ciara xx

27 Mar 2024
Wow Clo, it all looks so amazing! I got to meet Princess Ava last night, she is gorgeous! Chat to you more via email! Enjoy, Connie x

26 Mar 2024
Ellen Doyle
Hello Clo, your pics are amazing!!!
Sorry I havent written to you yet, will write you a proper email soon I promise.
Take Care and keep having a great time, Ellen x x

25 Mar 2024
Hi Clo, I love reading your blog, its like I’m there. Except I’m not!! I hope to see you when you get back. Continue having a ball and make us all sick with envy here in Ireland. Les.

19 Mar 2024
Holy crap, those pictures are amazing!!!!

12 Mar 2024
Hey Clo!
I luv the pictures!! Im sooo jelous!!
I say your having the time of your life!! Il send you an eamil with all
the gossip updates!!!
Ciara x

07 Mar 2024
Wow CLo, so glad all the highlights are as amazing in person as they seem! Promise I will email properly soon! Safe Travels and keep having ball… not jealous at all! ;-p

28 Feb 2024
Hey Clo, Glen Hansard won an oscar for “Falling Slowly”. Even better tho, he turned up at the Oscars with an open neck shirt that looked like he’d bin through South America with u in it and told the audience to “make art”!!…..priceless!! Sounds like ur havin a ball, keep it up!!:D Davy

25 Feb 2024
Hi Clo – Just wanted to say am soooo jealous. will mail u v soon!!

25 Feb 2024
I’m not jealous at all!!!

16 Feb 2024
Clo – sounds awesome! Keep posting and keep taking care of yourself and your skin!

16 Feb 2024
No much else to say but Jealous…. so jealous! Ha, Ha…. Happy travelling Clo! Connie xx

15 Feb 2024
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog



  • 16 Apr 2024Barbara MulhallHi Clo, delighted to hear that you are having such a great time, I am so jealous, you make we want to travel.
  • 15 Apr 2024UrsulaWell Clo, seems like you're having a crap and having to drink all that wine as well – a real hardship for you.