CRT+RPK=RTW – Belgium 22

rpk here-Here we are in Belgium. Never in a thousand years would i think that Belgium would be somewhere that i would recommend to someone, (by the way, the belgian keyboard is QUITE different from our standard american keyboard, thus, this is taking a while and others are waiting) BUT this city is simply lovely. After a questionable arrival in town and a reluctant cab ride to our hotel (because we were too tired to find a train) we took a cab to the Hotel Queen Anne and settled in immediately. We ventured around for a quick pint and a bite at the very Irish O’Reilly’s pub for some very greasy English grub. today we strolled and strolled until we reached a common square inthe middle of town complete with beer museum, chocolate and cocoa museum, and the world’s most fantastic bar called Delirium Cafe with (seriously) over 2000 beers from which to choose. long story short… it’s been a rough night in brussels, the most beautiful city i’ve seen (besides edinburgh)and we’re both a little sloshed which makes typing on a foreign keyboard more difficult thus the short entry. happy trails and safe travels to those of you abroad. another blog tomorrow…..
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posted Sunday June 2006


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