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rpk here-

when we got to Corfu, as CR might have said, one of the first things that happened during Check-in is that they gave us a shot of Pink Ouzo and told us that we were guaranteed to extend our stay. so apparently Pink Palace’s clever little plot is to weaken the immune system immediately, feed us ‘free’ (which translated into Greek means ‘contaminated and diseased’) breakfast and dinner, and then wait for the perverbial flood gates to open so that we have no choice but to stay a few extra nights. For the past 30 hours, CR andI have been locked in our rooms with anything we try to eat come out both ends in a Mt. Vesuvius-type manner. the Neanderthal of a desk clerk i spoke to at 3am offered little to no help when i asked for suggestions since we were supposed to officially check out at 9am but our bus to Athens doesn’t leave until 9pm. He said, ‘yep, check out’s at 9am.’thanks, buddy, you’ve been a big help. a big, fat, sweaty, enormous, smelly, pimply help. so we had to pay for an extra night, just so we could lounge around all day and try to recover, which i did around 5am, about which time CR was just hitting her full stride. I’m totally recovered sans a little hunger pain in the belly from being too afraid to eat anything, but CR is very weak and can’t talk about the cucumber salad and calamari she had yesterday and is a very sad little girl. thankfully, we get to hop on a bus in just over an hour and ride it to the ferry, whereupon arrival we will board the ferry on the bus and ride the bus on the ferry just across the Channel to mainland Greece where we ride the bus all night to Athens arriving at about 7:30am. then we have the whole day to spend in Greece, probably looking out the window, saying ‘hey, there’s the Acropolis. neat.’ and spending one night there before the following day when we board our first flight to CAIRO. where the food is probably diseaed and contaminated with bacteria, PLUS it’ll be about 120 degrees instead of a meager and brisk95 here. in summation, i have beaten the Cor-Flu, CR is well on her way, she should be fine soon, she just needs an 11 hour bus trip and she’ll be back to normal. i doubt we’ll be able to blog much in Egypt. if so, they’ll most likely be pretty short. also, i think in the interest of saving a few (insert egyptian currency here), we’ll probably check our emails, but won’t be able to respond until we get to Thailand on the 9th or 10th of July.

now here’s a little assignment for you, our friends and co-workers and family……. you know what’s going on with us, but we have no idea what’s going on with you!!! we need to know! what’s going on at home? you don’t have to put that stuff on the blog, but you can always email us at [email protected] and [email protected]. we have about 5 minutes of computer tijme left, i have to go look at ESPN to see how many games in a row the Cubs have lost……. happy trails everybody. talk to you soon…..rpk
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posted Thursday June 2006