CRT+RPK=RTW – Greece 15

Hey all! So we’re in Corfu now, an island just to the west of Greece… and we are having a ball… more on that after dinner… we’ve got 10 minutes to type… here goes!

So we left Rome and headed south to Naples. Um Naples… great pizza! They invented it. Other than that it was kind of dirty, sketchy and cold. Ryan said it best when he proclaimed it to be the most Urban place we’ve been so far. And considering that its not that big…well, we got out of there pretty quickly and found an absolute charmer on an island called Ischia (pro: Iss-kee-uh). We found a hotel online that promised a great many things including dinners made by “Mama Carella” a pool, panoramic views, gardens, olive groves, homemade wine etc… Ryan was so excited and I was skeptical. Everything it promised it was! Its a family run place and everything was perfect including the price which worked out to be 64 euro per night. Weve stayed in crappy places for way more than that.

 Anyway… Oops. out of time. Promise to write more after dinner….
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posted Tuesday June 2006