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So I’ve noticed something…

Every chic european woman has three things in common: 1. A bike that she rides, undaunted by traffic and streams of slow moving tourists. 2. a great pair of leather boots, tight jeans tucked into them a la Sienna Miller. 3. A pashmina scarf, doubled up and then knotted once in front. For the past week I’ve been noticing the presence of these three cool accessories and been well, green with envy having narrowed down my wardrobe to a just few items that I’ve either worn everyday, or not even bothered to unpack. I’m jealous because they all look so stylish, so cool and unaffected and I tromp around in my comfy tourist clothes. Boo. So since I didn’t want to brave the traffic on a bicycle or lug fantastically expensive boots around the world, And because it’s been really cold here and I don’t have a jacket, I rationalized buying a scarf for 6 euro. It’s a soft wooly scarf in a warm neutral gold color and I love it. Ryan figured out hoe to knot it in the front the way the cool girls do it. So, I’m one-third cool euro chic now. Yll are probably so happy for me, right?

Today was spent wandering through the canals and alley-ways, just aimlessly exploring at a leisurly pace. We went to a science museum called NEMO and we were amazed at the exhibits aimed at Kids from 5-18. There was a whole floor dedicated to sex-ed and it was educational even for two adults. There was also a room full of freaks of nature like two snouted pigs and conjoined monkey- fetuses. Very strange and a little too graphic for 10 olock in the morning. After a freezing cold picnic surrounded by pigeons (Tiffany I thought of you! You would hate all of the birds. Yesterday, while walking to the hostel a pigeon flew up into my face and I had to swat blindly at it to get it away from me!) we headed down a side street canal toward the Anne Frank Huis. It’s a sobering place and very interesting to two actors who’ve worked on the play and seen many incarnations of it. To stand in the space itself and feel the enrgy of the place is strange and eerie. Its bigger than we’d imagined too, but to think of eight people inhabiting those rooms for over two years is mind boggling.

What do you do when you finish at the ANne Frank house? Head to the red light district of course! We walked in the other direction and found the red lights. Just in case you were concerned that it was a made up place, it’s not. Definitely there. ANd just how you’d imagine it.

‘ve discovered the joy of european esspresso, add milk and sugar. I’ve had four cups today and that’s probably why I’m still awake typing on the blog and Ryan is asleep in the bunkbed. But it’s so good and for 1.50 Euro, it’s a great deal because you get a free cookie with every cup. We’ve also been saving money by eating lunch from grocery stores where we buy some fresh bread, local cheese and fresh sliced ham and have a feast of sandwiches, fruit and chips. Then we’ll go out for dinner and share something. Tonight we went to dinner at a pizzeria recommedned by the recetionist at the hostel and shared a pizza, some wine and a bananasplit for about 15 Euro. Lots of good deals if you just ask around.

Time’s up on my internet machine. Love you all. More in a couple days… off to the lake!
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posted Wednesday May 2006


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