CRT+RPK=RTW – Netherlands 26

rpk here-

CR is right next to me typing her own version of the blog, but i just had some thoughts of my own…….

here we are on mainland Europe, the first in my immediat family to do so, and i have a lovely new wife who is continuously and eternally sweet to me, like stroking my hair and helping me take a little snooze on the boat across the North Sea which was exciting at first, but toward the middle got to be pretty darn choppy and made this weak stomach of mine do a few somersaults.  now we’re in the Dam staying in a seedy hostel surrounded by interesting smells coming from “coffee” shops and shady looking characters at every turn.  not to mention a worried mother and some picture-anxious friends and family.  Mother dear, we’re doing just fine and were still trying to find a phone on which to call home.  seriously, every phone we find doesn’t work with our cards.

there’s nothing i’ve experienced that has made me feel more isolated than going ashore to a place where my native language is not the most frequent language i hear.  except maybe working in a cubicle doing data entry for a mortgage company.  we see lots of americans and even one Twins hat in the LemonGrass Wok where we ate a couple hours ago.  after drinking the creamy brown ales in the UK, the bitter fizzy pilsners took a little getting used to.  tomorrow will bring the Anne Frank house after we visit this interactive science museum.  maybe a cup of coffee to start off the day.  🙂

happy trails, everyone.  more tales from ‘the continent’ tomorrow or the next day.

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posted Tuesday May 2006


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