oh hey guys! what’s up?

CRT here, Ryan went to get me some water and oj as my throat is starting to hurt and i’m worried…

Our little ceremony was lovely, just as we’d hope with a fine mist falling in our eyes, making it impossible to keep my eyes open for any of the pictures we took… but it was very sweet, Ryan and I up on a big hill overlooking the Firth of Forth, some old monuments and a scottish landscape holding hands and professing love. isn’t that what a wedding is in it’s simplest incarnation? we both got a little choked up and then laughed at how bad our self-taken wedding pics were. as it was windy, cold and wet, no one really ventured up the Caldon hill to help us out and take our photos. shoot. but we’ll do retakes on the beach in fiji. how’s that? our hotel was fabulous, luxiourious and so peaceful. we swam, sat in the hot tub and watched terrible british tevlevision all night. perfection. we also saved money by buying our wedding feast at a grocery store. for about 20 we ate like kings and queens. a BLT, cajun chicken wrap, ham, cheese ciabatta bread, belgian chocolate cheesecake, cava, all butter double chocolate chookies, and cereal bars. YUM!

Also, yesterday morning, we just happened upon a bunch of dudes dressed up in military gear and saw a royal processional with fancy cars and flags and everyone looking very serious. we found out later that it was a retirement ceremony for the Royal Scots ( the worlds’ oldest branch of the military) and princesss anne (i didn’t know there was a princess anne, how dumb am i?!). Anyway, cool stuff happening all the time.

today we took the train back down to london in the hopes of meeting up with my old friend who we were supposed to stay with for the next couple of days. we called him and called him and he never showed up. i’m pretty angry and sad about that right now. he’d better have a good excuse like he got mugged or was trapped under something heavy. We were very nervous after waiting at the train station for 5 GD HOURS that we’d end up paying out the rear end for a room tonight but after 17 phonecalls we are settling into the George Hotel in the bloomsbury neighborhood of london. it’s a nice enough place, smells like an airplane in the halls but our room is cozy( a tiny attic crawl space -but there’s a tv so i can watch bad bbc versions of Big Brother and top chef). Ryan’s back now so i  think it might be time to stomp back up to our attic and turn in for the night. trying to rest off my sore throat before crossing the channel.

some of you have asked about getting in touch with us other than the blog. Ryan’s email is and mine is

We’ve tried to call home a couple of times now but the sam’s club international phone cards suck and are only useable from a particular payphone owned by a particular company which we’ve not seen yet! I think that sam’s club sucks. we’ll keep looking for that magical phone though, and when we find it we’ll call our mama’s first.

love you all! CRT
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posted Saturday May 2006


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