rpk here- crt is sleeping

so we went on this pub crawl to kinda meet some other hostel people and see a little bit of edinburgh.  the guy took us to only two pubs in three hours and asked us a few questions like ‘what is your favorite movie’ to break the ice.  he was kind of a weirdo, but it did the trick.  a group of about 12 of us hung out, chatted a bunch and drank our fair share of pints.  then we got some local fried munchie food and now CR is sleeping, i’ve bathed and i needed to rant for a bit.

here are some bizarre ‘world-is-smaller-than-you-think’ events that all happened just today.  first of all, in the train station today waiting for CR to get our train tickets, i saw a guy wearing a Phi Delta Theta Univ of South Dakota sweatshirt.  that doesn’t really mean much to anyone besides Scott, but that’s the frat that my best friend and i were in in college.  to see a SD Alpha shirt way over here was a nuts!  i was speechless!  i think he was with a group of other students and one teacher-like person.  before i realized what it was he was across the station and i had to look after our bags so i couldn’t  holler or run over.  secondly, on this pub crawl here in edinburgh, there were two other americans among others, but they are brothers from the twin cities.  one lives less than 3 miles from where CR and I live (25th and Lyndale to you TC people)  so we chatted about Uptown and schools and neighborhoods and Summit beer.  Joe and Al from the Twin Cities.  Al had just graduatedfrom Iowa State.  craziness.  lastly, there’s a gal from the TC that one of the other crawlers knows tha looks like CR named Margot Bell.  anybody know her?  also there’s an australian guy who happens to be staying at the same hostel in amsterdam where we’re staying at the same time, so we got his email address and we’re hopefully going to hook up while we’re there.  it’s amazing how many coincidences we ran into just today.  what’s the rest of this trip going to be like?

i keep trying to keep this in perspective… when we’re in New Zealand in late August, we’re going to look back at Scotland and think ‘that was this same trip!?!?’  so we’re trying to enjoy each and every moment as much as we can.  time for snoozing i think.  time to check some ESPN as i have no ides what’s happened to my Cubs or Twins or in the NBA for 5 whole days.  by now, our friend Erin from big bowl has left for Amsterdam.  hopefully we can get together…….all for now.


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posted Wednesday May 2006