rpk here-

don’t know how much time i have so this’ll be quick

here we are at the budget backpackers in Edinburgh.  we’re set up with a room 4 tonight and another for tomorrow and we just reserved a very nice hotel room for Friday night which is our wedding night.  the train ride was nice and scenic, forgetting the two english toddlers who screamed at the drop of a hat.  we just enjoyed some Guiness-made beef stew with chips and veggies w/ a pint (pretty much everything we eat is going to be ‘with a pint’).  we’ve been sharing the food, but drinking our own drinks.  our backpacks are heavy as sh*t, especially with the 10-minute uphill hike to our new hostel.  Edinburgh is gorgeous so far, and will be more so after the forthcoming pub crawl.  it is also VERY hilly.  looking forward to the edinburgh castle and a haunted ghost tour of the city if we have time.  once we get more than a half hour for everything, we’ll try to upload some pics already, i promise.  much love, more to come.   rpk
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posted Wednesday May 2006


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