Day 17 – Kalgoorlie to Cocklebiddy

Day 17 – Kalgoorlie to Cocklebiddy
Cocklebiddy, Australia

Cocklebiddy, Australia

Todays Challenge – To spot the rare species of ‘Nullarbor Tree’ that sprouts multi coloured ornaments.

We depart at 7.45 today and refuel before heading to Norseman and then across the Nullarbor on our return voyage.

Rod decides to check the SuperPit lookout one last time which opens at 6.00am. You guessed it…………closed! Rod curses under his breath. It is a beautiful day today and the temperature warms as we approach Norseman. As we have plenty of fuel and water we decide to bypass Norseman and we hit the Nullarbor for the second time. This is the first time we have been on the same road twice and strangely enough we are looking forward to it.

Deb spots some Emus, but still no sign of a Camel only the sheds on the side of the road where they provide drinking water and some shade for them. We refuel at Balladonia, where we visit their museum. We don’t know how we missed it last time as it is right in front of our eyes. Must have been Nullarbor madness.

We hit the start of Australia’s longest straight road for the second time. On the map it’s called the 90 Mile Highway, but I think that’s because it was built before imperial measurement was decimalised. Besides, “144 Klick Road” doesn’t have the same ring to it. The trip did not seem as monotomous this time, perhaps the trees have grown. Next stop is Caiguna and we grab a roast beef and gravy roll to keep us going . We experience a time warp, jumping from 2.15pm to 3pm instantaneously. The sign says advance clock by 45 min so we make a note to buy one of their advanced clocks.

We spot many dead Kangaroos on the side of the road approaching Cocklebiddy, and contemplate driving further but we are both travel weary, so Rod decides to call it a day. As we pull up at the roadhouse and check into our accommodation we spot two cyclists also checking in for the night, their faces are sun burnt, their hair plastered to their heads with sweat and they look knackered. We don’t understand why they would think riding across the Nullarbor would be fun.

Our room is the classic 70’s style motel that has not been renovated since it was build. It is light green with red bedding and has a television not much bigger than Rod’s 10 inch Netbook.
Rod decides to run up a movie on his laptop and we watch ‘Moneyball’ while sipping some wine. Its not long before the sun sets and we are greeted with an amazing orange sky across the dusty plains.

We head into the restaurant for a truckies sized dinner and order a West Australian Shiraz to wash down the grub.

We hit the sack early as there is nothing else to do. We have not spotted the rare ‘Nullarbor Tree’ so we decide to carry the challenge over to tomorrow.