Day 6 – Port Lincoln to Ceduna

Day 6 – Port Lincoln to Ceduna
Port Lincoln, Australia

Port Lincoln, Australia

Today’s Challenge – To refrain from doing a full wave to passing vehicles and practice the one finger steering wheel wave before we hit the Nullarbor.

We depart at 8.10am hoping to catch an oyster factory tour in Coffin Bay some 45 minutes away. Our two day break in Port Lincoln was great and we will definitely miss the fine seafood. We would recommend this place to anyone.

We have a very pretty drive to Coffin Bay which is 20 minutes off the highway, it is a very quaint town that swells to 30 times it’s population during the holidays, luckily it is very quiet when we arrive. We look for the Coffin Bay Oyster Company but of course it is closed on Saturday. We notice that oysters are for sale in every store and consider buying some at $8.50 per dozen. We depart with a few photos but no oysters, we will probably regret not buying any but expect that Ceduna will have plenty.

Next stop is Elliston where we seek out Pedro’s Crayfish. He has a sign on the door that says “Crayfish Season Closed”. Lucky we got one in Port Lincoln.

We head to Streaky Bay, this is a very pretty town. Stopping at the seafood outlet, we hope to buy some Coffin Bay oysters for lunch; they have sold out but tell us to head to the Oyster Shed which is 2km out of town. On finally finding the place it is also closed, so we head back to the pub for lunch. We order oysters and battered flake but the oysters are pacific oysters. Doh….. we shoud have bought some in Coffin Bay.

Still haven’t come across a sign to the Nullarbor, so stop to check our map. Realise we have been spelling Nullarbor wrong all this time. Surely that middle R is redundant? I mean, imagine if we all went and put an extra R in our names? Muller would become Mullerr. Rodney Rude would be Rodney Ruder.

Next stop is Ceduna, we have been warned that this is a pretty rough town. Our motel is on the foreshore and it is surrounded by security gates. Should we be worried?

We search for the Oyster Shack where you sit on top of a tin shed under an umbrella, eat freshly shucked oysters and drink cask wine while overlooking the bay. Life couldn’t get better than that.

Rod refuels, buys some water and some bait. Fuel is actually cheaper in Ceduna than Brisbane (thanks for that Anna). We head back to the hotel for some beers then Rod walks down to the jetty to do some fishing. He catches a small reef fish but throws it back.

We have dinner at the pub and Rod updates his blog on a 1 hour session with Nomad Ne,t costing him $6.00.

Rod can’t remember if he passed todays challenge as we go to bed early to prepare for our Nullarbor crossing.

Bring it on!