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Its been 4 days since Bangalore (and a few of her friends) had her name changed. Since the English names have not yet been finalised, it will either be Bengalaroo or Bengalaru (this is closer to the original name, Benda Kaal Ooru, which literally means, the city of baked beans). But with numerology invading Indian media these days, dont be surprised if the offical name ends up being Bennngalllaaarrooooo.

Indian IT firms agree that this is just not a smart move.

Bangalore represents a cosmopolitan, multicultural brand, said Nandan Nilekani, chief of Infosys Technologies, the outsourcing company, adding: It is not prudent to abandon the name of Indias most global city.

Also, what about the anti-outsourcers?  In the past, they could say an outsourced position had been bangaloredif you dont know whats being talked about, that sounds pretty bad.  Like, you could be walking down a dark alley one day, and BOOM!, youre Bangalored, sucker. Now, these guys will have to try for something like bengalarood, which no matter how much you snarl your lip, just sounds like something fun.

The reason for the name change?  Like Mumbai and Chennai, it is about nationalism.  Instead of working on poverty and infrastructure, lets spend a couple million on new street signs and stationary.

There is not much difference in pronunciation, said homemaker H. Lalita Bai. Changing the name plates and signs throughout the city will cost heavily to the government and the public. She added that the name change may help politicians become popular and to erase from the peoples minds the blunders that they have committed.

At least with Mumbai and Chennai, the words sounds different enough from their predecessors.  In the case of Bengalaru, the name change represents a marginal change in English and practically none in (the local language) Kannada:

The Kannada language media has always written and pronounced Bangalore as Bengaluru. Therefore, if the name change will really materialize, a Kannada language article might say something to the effect that, There is a proposal to change the name of Bengaluru from Bangalore to Bengaluru, but will actually sound like: There is a proposal to change the name of Bengaluru from Bangaluru to Bengaluru.

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var urlinput = document.getElementById(“url”); var submitp = urlinput.parentNode; var substitution2 = document.getElementById(“secureimgdiv”); submitp.appendChild(substitution2, urlinput); NEWS POST A STORY American IT set to growThe American IT outsourcing market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 5.9 per cent, from 13.3 billion dollars in 2006 to 17.7 billion dollars by 2011, a new report has said. 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Some interesting points from his speech “Giving leadership to one billion people of varied characteristics and still remain a celebrated democracy is the core competence of the nation.? For those computer experts in this audience, it is like connecting a billion heterogeneous computers together to make a super computer.” Bridging gap “The bridge is inborn in our culture; Technologies can further enable connectivity, as already we are experiencing through telecommunication, computer and space technologies.” Read more at scripts/eventslatest1.jsp?id=1342 Rajiv Rajiv Kaul – 11/14/06   NASSCOM mandates standardized testingThe main trade body representing software services companies in India will hold entry-level tests to gauge the abilities of people seeking jobs outsourced by U.S. and other overseas companies.sandeep – 11/07/06   Kumar gets 12 YearsSaying that Sanjay Kumar’s initial rise to prominence because of his talent had been “the embodiment of the American dream,” a judge Thursday sentenced the former Computer Associates chairman and chief executive to 12 years in prison for then allowing his “cupidity” to lead him to mastermind and then cover up a massive accounting fraud.sandeep – 11/03/06   Accenture Expands Indian Presence”We are looking at 50 ? 55% growth in terms of headcount this year.” And, that is why Accenture eschewing the M&A route unlike its peers IBM, EDS and CapGemini, is ramping up its presence in India. Next year, the company may see its sub-continental headcount zoon to 35,000-employees, up considerably from 4,000, three years ago.sandeep – 11/01/06   Millionaire’s Row: LondonNEVER mind Bollywood. All roads for Britain’s new class of super rich Indians lead to Northwood, a quiet west London suburb that is being transformed into what is thought to be the country?s first Millionaires Row for a single ethnic minority.sandeep – 10/28/06   Gates – 23 Million to Fight AIDS in IndiaThis week, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation promised the Union health ministry $23 million to combat AIDS in India. Three years ago, the Foundation launched a $258 million anti-AIDS campaign in India.sandeep – 10/27/06   Starbucks Brews Deal with UnisysUnisys Corporation (NYSE:UIS) announced that Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ:SBUX), the world?s leading specialty coffee company, has selected Unisys to provide information technology services supporting Starbucks aggressive global expansion.sandeep – 10/27/06   Who is Ratan Tata?He is not among the Forbes’ list of 40 richest Indians around the world. His sprawling business empire is no longer the largest among privately-owned Indian groups. sandeep – 10/25/06   polio cases rock indiaOfficials in India say they are seriously worried over the growing number of polio cases in the country. They say 119 new cases have been reported in the past one month, taking the total number of infections to 416. sandeep – 10/25/06   BBC Outsources to IndiaThe holy of holies, British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) is outsourcing some of its accounting and financing services to India in a move, the BBC says will save it ?20-million a year for the next decade. sandeep – 10/25/06   Everyone Keeps HiringTCS, Infosys, Wipro, Satyam Computer and HCL Technologies added a total of 27,583 employees to their payrolls in the July-September quarter.Sandeep – 10/24/06   Legal Outsourcing in PuneLegasis Services, a legal process outsourcing (LPO) firm plans to offer a spectrum of value-added legal solutions on a 24 x 7 basis from its delivery centre in Pune.Sandeep – 10/24/06   Corus Accepts Tata Steel OfferThe acceptance of the deal, revealed by the BBC on Thursday, is the largest Indian takeover of a foreign company.Sandeep – 10/20/06   Time to Liberalize Indian EducationAccording to McKinsey (2005) only 25% of engineers, 15% of finance and accounting professionals and 10% of professionals with degrees, in India, are suitable for work in multinational companies. This highlights the differential quality standards existing across institutions in the country.Sandeep – 10/20/06   Amitabh Plays Gabbar SinghBig B admitted that he was nervous on the first day of the shoot. “But this is true for me for every new film I do. The memories of Sholay will always be with me when I shoot for this film but as an artist I have to close that window and open a new chapter for the new Sholay.”Sandeep – 10/20/06   Wipro’s Premji not WorriedWipro?s chairman downplayed the impact of staff shortages in India, saying they won?t hold back the continued growth of the country?s outsourcing industry.Sandeep – 10/20/06   Tata’s profits up.A host of new outsourcing clients has helped Indian software giant Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) beat forecasts with a surge in profit.sandeep – 10/17/06   poor nations push investmentThere has been growing evidence of a shift in global business power, with foreign investment from developing countries now a major factor in the world economy.sandeep – 10/17/06   US Diwali Stamp Campaign = HOAXThe petition was started by #2, Bob Ghosh, a businessman in Atlanta, and Amitabh Sharma (#42), who wrote the polite and pluralistic-minded appeal to Ronald A Robinson, whom they identify as Chairman of the Citizens Stamp Advisory CommitteeSandeep Sood – 10/17/06   Sensex to 13,000?India’s main stock index, the Sensex, has moved closer towards the 13,000 milestone after another record-breaking day of trading.Sandeep Sood – 10/17/06   More Hedge Fund work for IndiaGlobeOp Financial Services (GFS), the hedge fund administrator in India, has opened its third office in Mumbai to cater to a growing client base and increased demand for new hedge fund support services and products.Sandeep Sood – 10/16/06   Security Goes OffshoreSymantec today announced a hook-up with outsourcer Accenture to capitalise on a lack of security expertise the pair perceive in IT departments looking to bullet-proof their networks.Sandeep – 10/15/06   Sri Lanka in on the gameDialog Telekom, the island’s biggest cellular phone operator, has jumped into the lucrative business process outsourcing industry by extending its customer support channels to local and overseas clients.Sandeep – 10/14/06   Infosys Posts Strong ProfitIndia’s second largest outsourcer, Infosys Technologies reported growth in revenue and profits for the quarter ended September 30 this year, riding a boom in outsourcing to India.Sandeep – 10/14/06   SEARCH

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  • Therefore, if the name change will really materialize, a Kannada language article might say something to the effect that, There is a proposal to change the name of Bengaluru from Bangalore to Bengaluru, but will actually sound like.
  • NEWS POST A STORY American IT set to growThe American IT outsourcing market is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 5.