European Adventure 14 October 2024 – Germany 9


Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!!

Well, we had a BLAST in Prague!!  It was a magnificent city with aromas of sausage and other appealing things.  The second day in Prague we just spent wondering around the city and enjoying the atmosphere!!  We watched a wonderful sunset from Charles Bridge (pink colors and all)!  One thing about Prague though, I definitely did feel like an illiterate fool there.  I can pretty much figure out what things in German should read but definitely not in prague!! 

We left Prague at around midnight and took a 5 hr bus ride to Munich last night where we’ll be staying about 3 nights.  We got here at about 5am and have been going pretty much ever since.  We did take a cat nap in this amazing glassed in area at the hostel with beanbags, hammocks, and lounging chairs!!  After the nap we took a walking tour of the city and got to see the Glockensphel (yeah, I know I spelled that wrong) and many other cool sights.  The park here is amazing and after the tour we decided to have a cold beverage in the park.  There were people practicing the tightrope, flying kites, nude sunbathing, and playing with there dogs.  We sat in the park for about 2 hrs and just people watched.  It was another great day in Europe!!!

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posted Monday October 2024


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