European Adventure 14 October xxxx – Czech Republic 10


After a restful sleep in another amazing hostel we spent the day in Prague.  I swear, these hostels are almost like 5-star hotels……. if you actually shared rooms with strangers in hotels.  We wandered around for awhile this morning with about 5 million other people.  There are sooooo many people everywhere that you can barely move in the streets!!  I like crowds sometimes but I do get a little ill when there are sooooo many people.  I think I know a few other people like that too!!  It’s definitely a change from a summer living on an island with 100 people.  It could be WAY worse though, I’m still enjoying every minute of the trip!!  Prague is a GORGEOUS city with some beautiful architecture!!!  Every time you turn around you say “Wow, look at that!!” 

We did a free tour from the Old Town up to Prague Castle and around Charles Bridge.  Lots of cool information and great history!!  The free walking tour wasn’t quite as good as the bike tour in Berlin but I guess you get what you pay for!!!!  It was still VERY informative though but kind of grim at times….. a lot of the tour was talking about people doing  momentous things and then dying.   I got some amazing pictures so hopefully I’ll get to post them sometime soon so you all can see where we’ve been!! 

Tomorrow we will spend the afternoon in Prague and then get on a bus in the evening and go to Munich where we will spend 3 days.  Happy traveling!!!

Posted from Czech Republic:

posted Saturday October xxxx