European Adventure 14 October xxxx – Spain 2

SEVILLA….  Land of Flamenco and Tapas!!

We traveled from Madrid to a smaller city in Spain called Sevilla.  The past couple days have been spent walking around the city and just exploring and seeing what we can see.  We did make it to the 3rd largest cathedral in the world (the Catedral) and went up the tower which gave us an amazing view of the city!!  The tower is from the 12th century I think and did not actually have stairs, it had ramps going all the way up because they used to use horses to cart things up to the top.   

Tapas are very popular here… they are basically just small dishes kind of like appetizers.  When you go to a Tapas bar you get a few different dishes and it makes a meal.   At some tapas bars if you order a drink you get free tapas… that is always a great thing for backpackers!!!

This area is mostly known for Flamenco and Bull Fights.  Unfortunately there are no bull fights while we are here but we are going to go see the bull ring today.  We did get to see some Flamenco dancing last night though.  It was really interesting.  There were 3 male musicians (1 playing the flute, 1 playing guitar, and 1 singing and clapping) and then one female dancer.  Most of the show was singing and clapping and occassionaly the woman would stand up and dance.  A lot of the dancing was stomping and flailing arms around…  sometimes with one of those fold out fans, sometimes without…. I could totally do that!!  It was really awesome to see though because you always hear about it but I finally got to experience it in Spain.  Anyway, off to go explore the city some more and go see the bull ring and maybe the Royal Palace.  



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