Happy Halloween!

Arrived at a new campsite today called Devasa Gardens and was asked if we’d booked…obviously they don’t know us! We’re not that well prepared!

As we hadn’t booked and they’re celebrating Halloween this weekend the lady said they’re full. ???? 

Jánine then told her that her birthday is Halloween and gave her the teary sad face look, at which point, the lady says there is one option..we can stay on the car park with an electrical hookup for the night, then we can have a pitch tomorrow for the other 2 nights…that suits us fine n dandy thank you very much! ????

They have a few activities on over the weekend too, one is the bungalow / pitch decoration competition.  So later on we took a stroll down the motorhome / caravan pitches and was amazed how much they had all gone to town with it all, just about everyone had either dressed up or decorated their pitch, hence all the attached photos, ???? we really liked the scary doll at the top though.

I loved the car too with the skull on the front. 

And this guy on the bike looked great, especially in the dark with the glowing red eyes of the horse.