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When I reached hotel, Rohit told me that Tanya stood him, because her mother didn’t give permission. So Rohit’s plan was devastated (perfect song – bechara dil kya kare). But Tanya’s mom told Rohit about another Russian babe who has come alone, and this much information was sufficient for Nikhil. Now we knew why was he missing. But where the hell is he” Then Rohit and I started our mission – Mission FBI (find the bastard immediately). We searched whole of the Goa only to find him at Baga beach. The babe was good, a bit older, say 30 years. But her rear was something to rant and wank about. I couldn’t believe, Nikhil had made such a kill. So he sent us back with ideas of what he must be up to. We went back to hotel and buzzed off.Next morning, actually early morning, someone was trying to open our door from the other side. Rohit opened the door to see Nikhil with a waiter with 100s of keys in his hand. Surely he didn’t want to wake us so early, so he sought help from the hotel staff. Now the questions were put up. The babe’s name was Dionara. And she couldn’t speak English very well; god knows how Nikhil communicated with her. No, I know how he communicated with her – she was carrying a dictionary with her, and he used to write on paper whatever he needed (though his needs were pretty limited). He had a razzmatazz whole night, didn’t let her sleep, had a shower with her, bonked her from rear as well, used condoms given by her (she was ready with all the ammunitions), torn many, didn’t spend a rupee. So that was what made him go wild. Excitement was showing up on his face, perhaps on our faces too. He told us that she groaned and moaned in her language like “da, da”. Maybe ‘da’ means yes.This made me very exited and optimistic of getting a babe. So the next day, frustrated, I approached a local girl. A dusky, sweet and shy female. It was a hot afternoon, Nikhil and me were roaming around in bike, while wearing our trunks as if either we were blind, or the whole of Goa. And then we saw a girl, walking alone. A sense of lust engulfed my mind, so I asked Nikhil that should I approach her. And Nikhil answered by jumping off the moving bike, as if he was Phantom, oops, Spider man! But that meant yes. So I had to approach her in any case, as Nikhil had made a great sacrifice for me, and if I didn’t approach that girl, he’ll kill me for sure. So I asked her, “Excuse me, does this road lead to Baga Beach”” She said yes, and again I asked, “It seems you’re going that way, so should I drop you”” To which she said no thanks. I asked again, that there’s no problem, I’ll drop you there, no hanky panky, but she refused. Maybe Goans are used to these kinds of gestures, that’s why they really don’t get carried away. Good for them. So I moved on. But Goan people stare you like anything if you mess around with their girls. Anyhow I just raced through that place in fear of getting beaten by those repulsive locals’ eyes. At some distance I met Nikhil. At first, Nikhil refused to hop on, because he had seen the reaction of the people and he didn’t want to get beaten along with me. He behaved strangely, perhaps like a traffic cop, giving direction with both his hands in the air. He said very softly, “bhaag jaa varna hum dono pitenge, thodi der baad aaiyo”. So I eloped, and came back after some time to pick him.Our lust asked for an encore, and we tried the ‘excuse me’ thingi once again. We were on our way to Anjuna Beach, Nikhil sitting as pillion. There were these Brit babes on a kinetic. Nikhil asked them, “Excuse me, wanna have fun”” to which they reverted, “where”” Nikhil gave a very idiotic answer “anywhere you like”; whereas I think he should have been bold and said “our hotel”, or maybe some beach. The answer was NO. Apna to bad luck hi kharab hai. Then we sped to Anjuna beach. To a territory unknown. To an unhurried world. The way to Anjuna is amazingly beautiful, full of canopies formed by trees, soothing, cool and surreal. After reaching Anjuna, we were bedazzled by its beauty. The sun was setting and we reached the hill top (though Rohit was reluctant) to experience the most picturesque sunset. That was an out of this world experience. The sun was setting, dipping into the horizon of oblivion. That big circle of fire was transcending into the massive chunk of water. The brightest piece of radiance was disappearing into a dungeon. The hues it left scarred the sky with bruises so deep that it bore them for a long time, until the purples were converted into blues of night. Few days to go, it was time to experiment. Nikhil and I went into the beach on bikes, because they were rented ones. He was riding Rx100 and I was riding CBZ. Nikhil went there and was successful, but my bike was so heavy that it got drenched in the sand. The more I accelerated, the more it went inside the sand. Finally Nikhil had to come to the rescue. After that, we drove the bikes at beachside, and that’s what bliss is. Imagine tides approaching you from one side, and you are motoring past them. The beach breeze coupled with droplets caress your face. The perfect kick is this, my friend. Who would want to leave Goa”Because the bikes were rented ones, we performed many heroic acts like riding on the rear tyre, lifting the bike while it’s still in movement, zipping it under your legs, etc. I wasn’t of any spectacle to the onlookers, as my fear showed on my inability to tame the motorized version of Tiger.

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21 Jan 2007
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