ISRAEL – Israel 5

So I’ve only put up a few photos so far. Just wanted to give an overview. I’ll explain some of them below:

This is my piece of paper in the Western Wall. Mine is the big white piece to the left of all of the mushed yellow pieces near the right of the frame.



Me in one of the old synagogues in Jerusalem. This was the day I started to feel sick so I wasn’t looking so hot. Anyway, these old synagogues are beautiful and so rich with history. The next picture is of part of the floor of one of these synagogues. They are tiny but truly beautiful.


This is me and Natalie, one of the Israeli soldiers that joined our trip, on our last night out. I was sick but made myself go out. She was really cool and has invited me to stay with her in Israel whenever I am here.

This is Shahar, our group guard. He carried a big rifle around with him everywhere we went. He was also our medic and had to take care of all of the sick people on our trip, which we had a lot of. Such a nice guy.


This picture was taken today, actually. I finally got out of bed and Shelly and I went to the beach that is on the kibbutz. This was the long road on the way to the beach. This kibbutz is beautiful and sits on the Mediterranean Sea. The beach is barely visible behind me.



More to come…
Posted from Israel:

posted Monday May 2006