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Hi everyone!This is later in the evenng, but I just wanted to edit my last e-mail…change of plans. Talk about that “going with thewind” philosophy! I have given up a night here at the youth hostel in Rome to venture into Sicily after Pompeii. The young fellow from Seattle (Greg) and I will stay in dorms in Naples and take Trenitalia to Palermo, Sicily. (He decided not to camp & that was all I needed.) He showed me how to book train tickets on a SCARY machine and I showed him how to find the nearest grocery store (which I found by accident earlier). I feel much more comfortablehere at the youth hostel after a couple days, but at first I felt weird. Now that I see older people coming in, I’m OK.Two girls from Bard College (NYC), people from Alberta and Australia, two older men who have a funny accent, a college student from Bologna University…many different people of all walks of life! Did I tell you about The Beehive’s cat? His name is “Ingemar” and he is huge, fluffy, gray and 18 years old…but I still love my “Barney” better. Jody, I hope you and “Barney” are having fun, and that you’re enjoying his companionship. Billy, I meant to tell you…about that old competitive spirit of beating Gina & Jody to my blog…you just won’t quit withbeating your sisters to everything, will you? Gina, I hope you had a wonderful 30th birthday…you kids sure make mefeel old! And Jody…I look forward to being at your graduation this May 13th…the last of the Mohicans! I’m reallyproud of all three of you!I called Connie today. She’s the woman living in Carovilli (near Falasca relatives) who graduated from my high schoolin Akron. It’s great that she speaks English & Italian, and she and I are both very excited to see each other (probably around March 14). I might be renting a car because they are in such a remote area. I just thought of one of many experiences…and want to tell you. While riding the hop-on, hop-off (tourist) bus southof Rome around the ancient Roman streets, our bus had to stop for a flock of sheep (with a sheephearder & dogs). Itwas sooo rustic! Also, one of the buses I was on was involved in an accident, so I got to see some handwaving, problem-solving action…(they really do use their hands when they talk here), and then we waited for the next bus andboarded it for the remainder of our trip. Everytime I hear a siren here, I think of Jody’s Suzuki (not the same, but a bit strange)! I probably will not be able to write in the next couple days, but I hope my messages are getting throughto you all. Here at the “Beehive” I have free internet and phone privileges, and I’ve made good use of them. I phonedGrandma & Grandpa to let them know I’m doing fine. I don’t know what to expect while in Naples or Palermo. By theway, almost everyone here uses Rick Steves guides to survive. His is the most budget-minded & practical guide for most people. I have the “Let’s Go” guide which is OK, but not quite as good. Take care! Love you all! Ciao, ciao! Mom & Donna (depending on who is reading this)

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posted Wednesday March 2007


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