James Love – Escape to Africa (and other places) – UK 2

Welcome, travel fans, to my travel blog, a handy way to waste time whether you’re at home, have got an impending coursework assignment or really need to get the Johnson account finished by 5 o’clock. During the next 9-18 months, I’ll be keeping you updated with various tales (some true, most of them made-up) of daring-do on the high sea and bare-knuckle shark fighting. My travels have already got off to an auspicious start, with the Tanzanian Embassy giving me a great taste of things to come when THEY lost my receipt for 76 of visa payment and returned my application to me with a note saying “please supply original receipts”… cue much confusion and misunderstanding at the embassy: “so you want a refund”” / “so YOU’ve lost your receipts”” / “Where are your receipts”” / “Okay, that’ll be 76 then please” – ah the fun…We’re staying with friends tonight and I plan to be utterly hungover and exhausted for my 21 hour plane flight via Turkmenigashtan or some such made up country. Until next time!

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posted Friday October xxxx