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Hi, Jane. I’m a friend of Dianne’s. After her trip we had a long talk and she recommended I visit your blog for more on what’s happening in this corner of China. Thanks for doing this. I love your conversational style. And, great to see Dianne’s comment, too! Be well, Caite Bennett

12 Sep 2024
What a great trip. Thanks for sharing it. You did more for the US image abroad than another high profile woman I will not name.

02 Jan 2024
Games shouldn’t be a problem; you’re the game champ! Have a great time. Yesterday, a mild winter day, Tim and I went to Eastern Market and then to Belle Isle, which was virtually deserted. We walked and found a “Nature House” which I had never noticed before, and passed half an hour sitting in front of a window watching birds come to an assortment of feeders and identifying them with a chart they had on the wall. Nina and Simone spent an afternoon together making cookies shaped like Michigan and painting them. Then Nina went back to school to work a couple of shifts and hang out with friends. She says she returns today. Can’t wait to see you again! You’re in the last lap. E

23 Dec 2007
Your party sounds like fun and I’m sure everyone will love it. I was with my stepson and grandchildren in Ann Arbor yesterday. We played cards and I played a question game with my younger grandson.One question: which is a mismatch: pharaoh, emperor, jester, queen. I said jester was the mismatch. My stepson claimed it was queen, since she’s the only one who is female. This reminds me of an excellent article in the Dec. 7th New Yorker about IQ (and how IQ improve 3 points over a generation, and thus MUST be more about cultural knowledge than “innate” knowledge).

23 Dec 2007
You overpaid for your winter coat. I was looking for a Christmas present for Mariel today at McComb Mall, and found an entire store with everything on sale for $8.98, including fairly heavy down coats. Made in China, of course.

22 Dec 2007
Great photos!

09 Dec 2007
Dorothy Weinstein
Hi, Jane, Enjoyed to hear what you are doing in China. Interesting and courageous. Thanks, Eric’s Mom

30 Nov 2007
How about some pictures with you in them?

23 Nov 2007
Jane, I’m glad you are ok, but keep a check on things and don’t hesitate to get medical help if you think you need it. Don’t I sound like someone’s mother? Anyway, I am sorry the grant position isn’t appropriate. Your experience in China is beyond imagination and is proving to be very rewarding on a personal level. I think so much of you for being open to doing this. Looking forward to hearing more and very much enjoying your “blog”, actually the first one I’ve ever visited! I am so out of it, technologically. Take care, Laurie

20 Oct 2007
…I meant conf call not in-person conf.

17 Oct 2007
Ron Lare
Jane: You’re missing all the fun in auto! We slog away in 2-hour Chinese class every Sat.(but had summer off). Don’t fool myself that I’m learning…just there for Pat…but do find it fascinating. Study group Peter L. & Brad started is my favorite Detroit thing but I had to miss tonight for ARC conf. Carmen R. missed also but is truly interested. She, Lolita H. and another woman gave presentation Sun. at Boggs Ctr re their trip to Chiapas for the int’l Zapatista event. Going away party for Jess & Gail is Friday. –Ron

17 Oct 2007
Hi there, Jane. Take lots of pictures, and we will invite you and Peter to dinner to look at them when you return. As long as you don’t make any bad reviews of the meal. What I want to know is: Do they still serve cooked dogs and cats for meals” Will you bring back a good cookbook”
I’ve been so derelict about inviting Peter to dinner; life has been flying by in a blur of crises.
Have fun.

16 Oct 2007
Mike Friedman
Barb and I had dinner with Ken and Martha last night before the Sonny Rollins concert, and he told me about this blog (and sent over the URL). Glad to hear that you are fine. Your description of the Chinese hospital was wonderful, though not a great way to iniitate exciting experiences. Sounds like you are having wonderful experiences and I am looking forward to following them now that I kow about this.

14 Oct 2007
Hi Jane,
I’m glad to hear you are ok. I once had a bike crash and had the same short-term memory loss – or “brain bruise” as my doctor called it. Hopefully you’ve recovered by now. Mark and I have both ended up in hospitals while traveling – in India and Cote d’Ivoire – and I agree – it is almost worth it to see a very different side of life. I’m just glad you are ok, and that you got to take such a lovely vacation!

07 Oct 2007
Wow! I can see what you mean that in some ways it turned out to be cool that it happened because of all you got to experience, but still. I’m glad you are okay. If you get weird headaches or anything, go back to the doctor! The part about you repeating the pertinent facts (My name is Jane, I come from America…” was actually kind of funny. It made me realize that if you had given your daughter a different name, like Sally or something, you could be characters in one of those primers I had in elementary school.

06 Oct 2007
Jane, I am relieved you are okay and can sum it all up by saying it was an “excellent experience.” That’s my lesson learned from you today. Be well. — Marsha

05 Oct 2007
Hey Jane, keep up the good blog. Your description of some of the wording the students use reminds me of the IAEA. Maybe they will have a future here.eric

05 Oct 2007
Hi Jane–I hope you are getting personal emails because this is not enough response to such a fascinating account of your trip so far. It already sounds like a life-altering experience, and you still have 3 months left! We definitely miss you here, although the truth is that it’s mostly same old, same old.
At my side of the world, we celebrated Yom Kippur yesterday (the day of atonement, at which Neil would inevitably say that he was atoning for not sinning enough). Nice dinner. My sister said she was impressed that I knew 15 jews in Detroit.
Much love, E

23 Sep 2007
I’m so glad you are blogging while you are away! I’ll definitely be checking in to read the latest. Incredible fall weather here!

17 Sep 2007
Susie Bright
Hi Jane, I love your letter. This whole business of the dancing and sword pantomimes is fascinating to me. I wish people were doing that here! We do have one spontaneous salsa group that meets with a boombox at the beach… later today!… but you have to know what you’re doing, no room for amateurs like me who basically just need to be led.What is your best email address? What is your snail mail? I perversely want to send you a box of something. So how are the students so far? My dad said his Chinese students were so earnest and gave him their all… it was sort of stupefying after experiencing American students.The heat, the equator. How is “global warming” affecting their area? Now that I live in farm culture and surf culture both, it’s all anyone talks about. Jon is doing a phlybotomy externship in Watsonville, adn it’s so funny because his first day he showed up, it turned out they’re having a strike vote… tonight. And they’re in the same union he’s a shop steward for in the Lifeguard service. So I think he’s going to end up having a “labor” externship… maybe not as much drawing blood!What is the rest of yoru family doing? How are they carrying on without you? Are you struck with lonliness, or is it so wild and new you dont’ have time to take a pause?I have a writing gig for you, believe it or not. And you’re in the perfect spot to need an English distraction, right? I guess I should have some decorum in your blog or I would speak at length about sex, and money, and everythign else. Did you get my copy of my Red Tide stories before I left? That’s another entertainment. You’ll feel homesick not only for Detroit, but Detroit of the 70s.

09 Sep 2007
Hi Jane: It sounds like you are off to a great start!
Martha and I are just back from a mini-vacation (3.5 days) “up north” — had a great time. — Ken

09 Sep 2007
Hi Jane. It all sounds so exciting. Life in Detroit is just as you left it, and will be the same when you return. Elissa

09 Sep 2007
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