Jess is a Wanderer at Maitai Bay

Jess is a Wanderer drove along Karikari Peninsula in search of infamous Maitai Bay. With its white sand beaches, turquoise waters and unspoilt natural scenery, it’s a popular spot for campers and trampers alike.

The DOC campsite is huge and you just turn up on the day, sign in with the manager and set up your pitch. With fantastic views it’s an incredible place to set yourself up for a camping trip. If you’ve got the equipment… since my tent’s blown away more times than I can count, I’ve stopped the camping and switched to Couchsurfing. It’s much more stable and I’m getting to meet some great people.

Anyway, Maitai Bay. There’s a walk you can do to the headland. It’s 3.5km long (return) and takes a suggested 90 minutes to complete. It’s a fairly easy walk – if it’s dry – otherwise it can be slippy in parts. There’s one main steep bit but if you keep focused on the view, you’ll surely survive.

On the way, you can appreciate the scenery and watch the bees to and fro with their honey-making. The view keeps getting more and more impressive with every step and if you’re feeling particularly keen, you can go down and sit on the rocks which stretch out into the water.

It was super windy when I was there so I didn’t stay too long but you could easily set yourself up for the day. Highly recommended.

On the way home, take the coastal road and stop by Doubtless Bay for some more fantastic beachy scenes.

Highlights from Maitai Bay: