Jess is a Wanderer at Milford Sound

Jess is a Wanderer kicked off 2019 by visiting one of New Zealand’s most beautiful places: Milford Sound. And wow! What a day.

We arrived and it was raining – creating a gloomy and spooky feel to the place. I’d been told by various people that “it’s better in the rain,” but somehow I couldn’t quite understand how that was true. And for a place that has rain on more than half of its days in a year… I thought there was no point trying to pick a ‘good day’ and to hedge our bets on what might be, if nothing else, a quieter day given that it was January 1st.

We travelled with Southern Discoveries on an Encounter Nature cruise. It was more expensive than the deals you see for $40 but the boats are capped to 75 people so it’s a smaller vessel and not so busy. Once we’d made it to the Tasman Sea and were on our way back down the fjord, the sun decided to join us and completely transformed the place.

Not sure which I preferred as both were truly stunning in their own way. And people were right, it doesn’t matter if it rains.

The gloomy and terrifying beginning.

The bright and beautiful ending.

What do you think? Have you been? How was the weather?


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