Jess is a Wanderer in Rotorua’s Redwoods

Jess is a Wanderer headed out of Rotorua’s city centre in search of some tranquil walks through the giant Redwoods. Free to access and a range of trails on offer – it’s the perfect spot for mountain biking and tramping (hiking). Take care on the shared trails as you might come across horses as well as mountain bikes. It’s a fabulous place to feel miles away from it all without actually having to travel miles away.

There’s also a lovely clear blue pond which doesn’t look like much at first and then on further inspection, you see that actually it is perfectly clear and you can see all the bits below the surface. So interesting!

Here are some pics from my short 13km tramp along the purpley track. There are a range of trails varying in length and difficulty, all sign-posted and easy to follow.



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