Jess is a Wanderer on the Tarawera Trail

Jess is a Wanderer headed out to Lake Tarawera and subsequently tramped along the track – approximately 13km one way, you end up at a secluded campsite and catch a ferry back to base.

The walk is classed as ‘advanced’ on the DOC (New Zealand Department of Conservation) website. This is mainly due to the fact that large parts of the path involve scrambling up boulders and steep rocky ascents. The downward parts are not much better in certain places too. Great if you love a challenge, not so fun if you’re unsteady on your feet or not confident without steps or handrails.

Of course, the advantage to any hike is that you can always turn back if you find it too much. However, be warned that for this tramping trek, you do need to book the ferry for $25 in advance. This can we done from Totally Tarawera.  

They recommend 4-5 hours for the one-way but it can be done in 3 if you’re not too fussed on seeing the scenery. Below are some of the shots I took but it was a scorching hot day so I wasn’t hanging around too much!

There aren’t any buses from the car park at the Ferry Landing at the start of the trek back to Rotorua so you’ll either need your own transport or arrange with someone to pick you up or drop you off. I lost network coverage so couldn’t call my ride to pick me up. Instead, I hitchhiked back to town with a friendly chap.

Here are my pics from a totally fab tramp:



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