Justin Condon Into The Wild, Part One 7 July 2024 – Bolivia 7

La Paz… A night on the town, a final farewell and an encounter with the Death Road

Pic 1: Our final eve in La Paz as a group… some folks heading back on Saturday AM

Pic 2: Yes, the really advertise it as the “death road”!!

Pic 3: Our illustrious team of intrepid (other people might think insane) adventurers…Suzanna, Me, Hannalie and Matt

Pic 4: We start off good enough, on tarmac and with good conditions

Pic 5: Yours truly, with notions of next years Tour De France in mind…

Pic 6: Conditions rapidly detiorate… i.e. the road is pure shite and we are actually cycling through the clouds!!

Pic 7: The most infamous (and dangerous) turn on the death road… you get the idea!

Pic 8: Closeup from the same corner

Pic 9: My arse, which is all anyone else got to see!! heheh… want you to get an idea what it is like cycling with me 😉

Pic 10: View of part of the death road, which descends almost 4000M over a span of 63 KM

Pic 11: Another view of the road and the amazing vista from it

Pic 12: Nearing the end…

Pic 13: Final descent…

Pic 14: Water jump for dramatic effect at the end…

Pic 15: And final water hurdle, which was easily negotiated by all!

Posted from Bolivia:

posted Sunday August 2024


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