Justin Condon Into The Wild, Part One 7 July 2024 – USA 19

The Night Before…

Well my friends, the time has finally come! After many years of thinking and talking about it, I am finally embarking on the first of my world excursions… this time round heading to parts of the Americas as yet unseen by me – namely, Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina and Brazil. About time too many would say (including myself) – but it is very clear to me now – upon the precipice of realizing this dream – that these things only happen when they should – and as such, they happen at exactly the right time – neither a minute early nor late.

I take the first step of this lengthy journey tomorrow AM, heading for Mexico. For any Tolkien fans out there – I think this rather feel like Bilbo’s final eve before his infamous disappearance at “The Long Expected Party” to celebrate his eleventy-first birthday. At the risk of sounding corny, there is a “magical” (perhaps a less whacky term would be “spiritual”?) feeling to this evening.  After much preparation and inspirational reading, not to mention the relentless “Into The Wild” joking, the moment has finally come. Three months in South America (in this case, redefining “South America” to be most places south of the USA)… starting tomorrow. This in turn, is part of a greater global journey that will encompass parts of Africa and Asia I have yet to visit – but first things first – the Americas! (more on the others in time).

So, here I sit – it is Sunday night and I am in my apartment in Hoboken with rucksack (read: back pack!) packed (many thanks to Joe for ample distraction with Guitar Hero 3 to help accomplish this!) It is an incredible feeling to look around and know that I will not see this place and contents for 3 months (“you are not your khakis” I am reminded by Ed Norton in “Fight Club”). I look out the window at the impressive view of Manhattan but remind myself there are many other views… equally breath-taking – and look forward to seeing a few of these along the way. I do have a pretty good idea of my itinerary, which I will post online ASAP with additional details of interest. I will also likely bore you to tears with my narrative throughout, but hopefully will compensate amply with some spectacular photos over the coming months.

So with Eddy in Vermont and farewells said to loved ones the world over – anyone who was (or feels) left out – this was not intentional – and farewell to you too… this should be quite the journey – as much spiritual as physical – and you can all be a part of it – or take from it any part that interests you. Apologies to anyone who finds that I wax on with overly zen-like references – but at the same time – I suggest you grow accustomed – there wil be a lot more of this considering my mindset! Be well, take care of each other and see you all in October!

Pic 1: Eddy, the “hot blond” in my life… up in Vermont for the next few months and recoving from knee surgery… get well buddy!

Pic 2: Me back home in Dublin (June) with the ladies in my life… Isabel & Rita

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posted Monday July 2024


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