Justin Condon Into The Wild, Part One 7 July xxxx – Chile 5

South of La Paz through the Salar de Uyuni… and on to Chile

Pic 1: Sunday AM in Uyuni… what the HELL am I doing here!!!

Pic 2: Things begin to liven up a little ?

Pic 3: The train graveyard outside Uyuni

Pic 4: Two old steamers… one still in action

Pic 5: We pack the truck…

Pic 6: …and head into the Salar (salt flats) de Uyuni

Pic 7: The last outpost before heading into the Uyuni salt desert… Irish people (and flag) represented

Pic 8: Easy to stand out in this environment!

Pic 9: The (surreal) view from the top of Isla Pescadora

Pic 10: Me, atop Isla Pescadora

Pic 11: Mad Max, Beyond Thunderdome territory if I have ever seen it

Pic 12: The crystalized salt that make up the salt flats (water is actually underneath)

Pic 13: Another 4X4 passes us

Pic 14: Lord of all I survey… which isnt that much!

Pic 15: Out of the Salar, we arrived at our luxury accomodations for the evening… in San Juan

Pic 16: Dusk, as viewed from the room in San Juan

Pic 17: Train line from Bolivia to Chile, for the few remaining trains that actually make the trip

Pic 18: Our crew stretches their legs for a few…

Pic 19: Me, near one of the few semi-active volcanoes in Bolivia

Pic 20: The laguna canapa… absolutely beautiful itself, with the added treat of flamingos

Pic 21: Flamingos in the laguna

Pic 22: The flamingos take flight

Pic 23: Another laguna, with far more flamingos

Pic 24: This is real 4X4 off-roading country… havent seen an actual road in days!!

Pic 25: Pause for posterity

Pic 26: Bolivias answer to the “Joshua Tree”… the arbol de piedra (tree of stone)

Pic 27: Our second night accomodation… the refugia at Laguna Colorada… and I honestly thought it couldnt get any better from yesterday!!

Pic 28: The oddly coloured (red) Laguna Colorada

Pic 29: Me, sporting that most fashionable of headwear again… it was FREEZING, even with the hot steam

Pic 30: Sunrise over the hot springs & geysers

Pic 31: Headed towards the Chilean border

Pic 32: Stopping off for a quick dip in the thermal baths before breakfast

Pic 33: The lake surrounding the thermal bath

Pic 34: The beautiful Laguna Verde (green lake… caused by copper deposits in the water apparently)

Pic 35: Our “guia” for the trip… Ronaldo, who conveyed a lot of information, considering he didnt have a lick of English!

Pic 36: Adios to Bolivia, next stop… “la frontera” and on to Chile

Posted from Chile:

posted Friday September xxxx