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Barcelona; the city of the Sagrada Familia, LaRambla and the hot summer nights at the beach. The last time there felt snow in Barcelona was in January 2004 and there was snow for half an hour.  The wintersport-holidays seem to be far away from this beautiful city. But this is not true, there are many excellent ski resorts close to Barcelona in the Pyrenees. Most of them are well to reach by car, and without car you can reach them by train or bus. Dont expect the same winterworld as you might know from Austria or France. The Pyrinees do not quite match up to the Alps, especially in terms of aprs-ski-life, but for a 1,2 or 3 day trip there are many great places for excellent skiing. The ski resorts close to Barcelona are:


Ski resorts: Granvalira, Andorra

There are 6 possibilities of access to the resort. They are all along the Carretera General 2, known as the road the France. If you go by train, the nearest trainstation is:La Rabasseas.


Granvalira is the biggest and most legendary resort in Andorra. Complete with spectacular landscapes and amazing panoramic views. It is a bit further away, but you get 193 kilometer of ski slopes of all levels and plenty of boarding runs. If you want to visit this resort it is worth staying for the whole weekend. The prices are 35,00 for one day access to the whole resort in the high season and 33,50 in the low season. For the beginners there is a different pass available, for 20,00 a day you can use only the Canillo section of the resort.


Ski resort: Vall de Nuria

This resort is a bit closer the Barcelona, it is ideal for a one day trip. You can easily go by train from the Barcelona Sants station to Ribes the Freser and then rack rail to Vall the Nuria.


Vall the Nuria is also a lot smaller compared to Granvalira, but there a still plenty of facilities and services. There are 11 ski slopes and 4 lifts, ski school, equipment hire, snow parks and medical services. If there are people who dont want to ski or snowboard, there is the possibility to enjoy the snow with activities like cross country skiing, sledging and snowshoe outings. The prices for a skipass with access for 1 day are: 26,60 in the low season and 29,50 in the highseason. A group ski or snowboard lesson costs 16,00 for 2 hours.


Ski resort: La Molina

This is probably the closest ski resort to Barcelona. You can, for example, go by train from the Barcelona Sants station to La Molina and then the connecting bus to the La Molina slopes. It is realy accessible by car bus and train.


La Molina is located in a well-situated location, surrounded by mountains of more then 2500 meters. It is the oldest ski resort in Spain, and because the mountains are so high the snow conditions should be pretty good. The ski resort is divided in four ski areas. La Molina has the experience to maintain its position as one of the premier ski resorts of Spain offering the newest technology and services. In total there are 42 ski slopes and 16 lifts. There is a self-timing kilometre speed run and a snowboard park with a 100m snowpipe for those who like the challenge! Recent expansions were engineered to respect the environment and the needs of the customers. Herefore La Molina has received the ISO 14001 awards for Natural Environment and the Q for tourism Quality. Prices for a one day skipass are: 32,25 in the lowseason and 35,80 in the highseason.


These ski resorts are perfect to combine with a holiday in Barcelona.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain, It is located on the Mediterranean coast, with one of Europe’s principal ports, and its airport is the second largest in Spain. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona is today an important cultural centre and became a major tourist destination after the 1992 World Olimpics. Particularly renowned are architectural works of Antoni Gaud that have been designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


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