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09 Feb 2024

Another Day at the Beach

I spent much of last weekend down at the beach.  It was, as always, a good time.  It seems like most everyday is a good one to head down to the beach here.  In fact, I’ve decided that being a weatherman for the Gold Coast would be the easiest job ever.  I don’t need any degree in meterology to tell you what tomorrow is going to look like.  It’s going to be sunny with a high of around 80, and with some partial cloud cover.  It’s like that every day.  I don’t think the weather channel does very well around here, except for maybe during cyclone season.  Anyways, on this perfect day at the beach I met up with Matt, Brad, and Justin, and we went out bodyboarding.  This was both exhausting, and amazing.  The waves were pretty big and when you timed it just right, it felt like they were shooting you out of a gun.  Then you would cruise on the wave at breakneck speed towards the shore. 

We also spent that night on the beach.  After watching a short little cricket test, we walked out to Mermaid Beach.  We just sort of hung out down there, which was really sweet.

Monday morning was the Superbowl.  It was one of the greatest, if not the greatest Superbowl I’ve ever seen.  I was so excited to see Tom Brady, Bill Belicheat, and crew go down as perhaps the biggest choke artists in history.  18-0 doesn’t mean much without the ring does it?  I took in the game at a local pub, which was an experience in and of itself.  And I had to skip my morning classes to do so.  It was totally worth it, though.  On a side note, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many students drunk at ten in the morning.  It was hilarious and sad at the same time.

I’ve also been able to check out some of the basketball down here.  The quality of play isn’t all that good.  It seemed like whoever got the rebound on defense just dribbled up and took a shot on offense.  There were some interesting stories, which I can’t relate here, but to make a long story short, I don’t think I’ll be playing much hoops while I’m down here. 

Well things are great.  I promise to put up even more pictures very soon.  Among these will be me with kangaroos, koalas, snakes, lizards, parrots, emus and other wild creatures.

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posted Saturday February 2024



  •   I took in the game at a local pub, which was an experience in and of itself.
  •   On a side note, I don't think I've ever seen so many students drunk at ten in the morning.