Ken and Sue Wayne and Lo The Road to Santiago – Spain 19

The peregrinos went to church last night.  A very nice service  for the pilgrims with the fathers singing-chanting beautifully.  The church was very beautiful and we thought of all our friends/family dealing with lifes difficulties and challenges.  The blessings were felt all around. 

As indicated, our first day walking was a real challenge because not only was there an uphill climb, but the aches and pains were pronounced, amidst the rain, cold.  Even snow fell after the 2000 ft level at Orrisson.  (Early signs of pre’hyperthermia was evident, especially with the 2 guys.)  We stayed at the monastery which housed 120 walkers from all parts of the world.  Met many Canadians, Hungarians, Brazilians, of course, Germans, Italians, and French, just to name a few.  The next day was also a challenge because of the elevations. We passed wild flowers and beautiful pathways.  We reached the town of Zubiri by 3pm where we shall spend the night.  Before I forget to mention, the town before Zubiri, Viskarret, was overrun on the street by at least 200 goats led by a worker and his dog.  What a sight!  We hope to hook up these blogs with some pictures when we find a computer with the right hookups.

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