Kim and Suzys whirlwind tour – Germany 2

Hi to both of you, You lucky buggers – Vegas whata place to be. I am extremely jealous and all those shows as well. Sounds like u r having a wonderful time while we freeze and die of boredom. Where are u off to next as i can’t remember lots of love

who are you?????

We have just arrived in frankfurt, Germany after our trans Atlantic flight and we are absolutely exhausted. We have just checked into our hotel and we are about to get something to eat b4 crashing into bed. Sorry for not updating this sight much lately but we could not find an internet cafe anywhere in San Francisco. We are still having a great time, however we are both very tired right now, so we will write more about our adventures tomorrow. Until then Aufedesen. ( i dont know how to spell it) Ja.

Posted from Germany:

posted Friday November 2006


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