Lisa’s European Tour 5 November 2024 – Germany 0


Hello Everyone!

We’ve made it to Europe! Having boarded the plane on last night (11/26) at 7pm, we completed an 8.5 hour flight into Zurich, Switzerland successfully! I can’t remember the last time I had a meal on a plane, but I had pasta, and it was pretty good!

Upon arriving in Zurich (this morning at 10:50am EUR time, 2:50am CST), we boarded a train to travel to Tiengen, Germany, where we will perform the 1st concert on tomorrow night (11/28). Upon arrival at the hotel, we decided to check out the market area right down the street. Well, as soon as we entered, posters announcing our concert were EVERYWHERE! It was if we were celebrities…LOL!!!

As we entered the bank to change currency to Euro, there were even more posters and brochures in the bank. People begin to waive and acknowledge us as we picked up the brochures. It was hilarious, but weird!

It’s nowafter midnight here. While I know that most of you have just finished your Thanksgiving dinner (and some of you are probably just begining to eat at 5pm), I’d like to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Jeff Timms
Hey Lisa! Glad you guys made it safely. Have a BLAST! I know I would lol. It is exciting when you see your pic posted in the bank and other places and you’re not on the Most Wanted list, that’s the real joy lol. Yall should’ve all had on red suits with hats and veils, (lol)so you guys would really stand out in Holiness lol. Talk to you later.

02 Dec 2024
Elder Timothy Brown
The Victory Gospel Singers?!? LOL!!!! Hee-Larious! But seriously, I am glad that you all made it there safely! Have a wonderful time and I pray that you all are able to introduce Jesus Christ to the masses in such a profound and powerful way through the music ministry. Love ya! TCB

01 Dec 2024
Angela Madden
Hi Lisa, I’m just now reading my email and it was so good to you guys poster posted everywhere – I know that must have been a big thrill. Can’t wait to see more pictures of your interactions with a different country. May God keep and protect you all. Love Angie

01 Dec 2024
LaVeda C. Jackson
Hi Lisa this is your family we all miss you but most of all we are praying for you and your group. Everybody is doing fine. You have our prayers in our heart but most of all we love you and we miss you. We can’t wait until you come home. May the good Lord bless you real good & keep you in his loving care. Tell everyone that your family said hello. I want you all to be blessed in Jesus name.SincerlyLaVeda C. Jakson

29 Nov 2024

01 Jan 1970

01 Jan 1970
Hi Lisa,

28 Nov 2024

01 Jan 1970

01 Jan 1970
02 May 2013 – start of travelblog

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