Hey guys! It’s bronwyn…again, one day you may get a post from maggie haha.  But anyways we’ve been in queenstown for alost week now!  We’re staying in a shitty hostel right now, its pretty bad.  There is a creepy guy in the hallway who tries to sell me wine all the time, but on the bright side he did give me his macdonalds fries the other day:) haha. 

Queenstown is sooooooo cool.  Love it.  It’s in the middle of several ski hills, and finding work and accomadation is tough out here right now.  Work should be freeing up in like 3 weeks, but WE JUUUST FOUND A PLACE TO STAY!  So thats really awesome!  Its super cute, and we get it to ourselves for two weeks until the two cute argentinian girls come back from christchurch in two weeks.  No snow yet, but i hope its coming soon.  O yeah, the place also has a gorgeous view of the lake and all the mountains, its like 10 minute walk from the downtown “heart” of the town, and it seems like its a cabin out of town.

So far i’ve met some really cool people.  One guy, (who has a really funny mullet, thats how we got talking haha his friends gave it to him as a joke) knows the owner of a bar called the Buffalo Club, and he talked to him with me so i may be able to score a job there.  Otherwise everyone is really friendly and it seems like everyone in the whole place is around our age too so it’s really fun.  Our good friends from the bus are all leaving on tuesday which will be soooo sad im going to miss them alot.  We all went to a club last night together so that was good, and when im done im going to go watch a movie with them tonight.  My friend Mark is coming into town tomorrow so that will be nice too.

Mags really needs to write something…..  But all is well in maggie’s world as far as i can tell.

We have alot of our pictures up on a site called, ill post that address but im still going to try and get them here so that things will be simple for you guys.  Im not to sure what else to say, i dont want to bore you guys, but we’re having a blast and ill write more later! ciao! xoxo

Posted from New Zealand:

posted Sunday May 2007


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