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Mr Harper (the Jock)
awrite Mandy,just a note to say we always were cooler than you. glad to hear your enjoying it. its true jersey offshore centre has ceased to exist. and we are all onto different things. weather is pish oor here just now and getting tired of the wind as well!! av tried numerous remedes like closing my mouth but still doesn’t work so am on a bean free diet(that includes birds). anyway seen that burd who practically lives in Squires the other week (the one with the teeth)….one of lifes winners!!! apparently gods honest truth shes been in work discussing what benefits she can claim for with the limp! yep the limp she got when visiting bobbys for a packet of crisps and fell of the step on the way out (the 4 packets of space raiders were saved though). i heard her commenting “i mean look at that stephen hawkins he must get a mint off the state and he’s that lazy he’s got someone else to talk for him no wonder he’s a genius”. Roisin is sorting herself out shes got a new job which is sound i think she was saying that her drinking was a problem so she decided to stay away from that sort of environment so shes just accepted a job at BBar being the manager. Never knew about Roxy Hoops thats great news mate. got a joke for you. how do you blindfold a thai person…….use dental floss!!! unreal tell all the pigmy wannabees doon there cos they aw love them kind of jokes. anyway your no missing much in lloyds apart from some of the new schemes they’ve got coming in. belting one is the traffic light system in treasury. you all have a light if your at red you can’t take anymore work, if your at yellow you work until you get to green and if your at green you have to help out the reds. unreal. i think bin letty thought of that one whilst taking porno pictures of folks desks. anyway this is actually a rant mandy and a wad of pish. take it easy and make sure you visit jersey soon when your back let me know. aye son take it easy and remember to check your luggage before you come back home (if you don’t you might find half a nation hiding in your suitcase you know what there like)laterzHarpers world tour xxxxvenues include

08 May xxxx
michael hooper
Hey MandySounds like you ar having a good time – arnt you due back soon? Bet you cant wait to get back to work!!!???The JOC is no more – Mike and Beattie are over today…and Rob is well and truly settled back into IOM life. He is currently on a drinking break because his liver is hurting. Reckons he will be back on it by Sunday….I really like my new job – and have settled back in easy..dont really miss Jersey…but that may change if we dont get any decent sun in the Summer. Rox likes it here and has just accepted a new job in Zurich.. let us know if you ar hitting the IOM any time soon.Love Hoops x x

08 May xxxx
gald you are having a good time mumis here ans is making pancakes as we speak. off to see ross on tuesday hope he iso k xx

15 Feb xxxx
jason r
hello sweetie, your not missing alot here glad to hear that u r getting around nicely. looking forward to the photos of your all over tan. not alot to say as i haven’t done much had op on knee now just waiting for it to heal. speak to u soon love me, him, harry and molly.

02 Feb xxxx
How you doing in your mobile sauna?? Not much to report this end, only four weeks left at Corp Bkg, had real dilema re do I buy a new car or just carry on with my nail – presently sticking with the nail and running into the ground!! but opinion changes daily. Cricket starts again tomorrow and I’m having golf lessons studying lots so not much time to do much else. Skiing trip is only a few weeks away and I have not done any of the exercises I was supposed to so am going to hurt!!! No gossip to speak of, so you’re not missing much here!! Hope you’ve met loads of really interesting people and hopefully a few hunks along the way – ozzy, kiwi, or just breathing!!take care lol Joe xx

30 Jan xxxx
hiya baby sister !! I haven’t been able to get to a phone without someone listening for a few days ! will try again tomorrow (wed) am. Just booking our girlie holiday to egypt, mum, aly, amy, me and the girls 1st week of april. Rumour has it Ollie Jones is planning on applying for joe’s job – they have been winding him up at expats – saying he should go for it etc . Roissin has been done for drunk driving so she will definately be down the road shortly ! James o’hara has just lost £150K through a fraud and is trying to blame Rob saying he wan’t trained properly – looks like he’ll be down the road too ! Alvins’s boyfriend who was in prison hung himself yesterday. May was speaking briefly to Annette at the weekend and the Egyptian marriage is over ! She says it was a moment of madness and not legal so no problems getting out of it ! Will need to get my hair cut shortly so will fill you in more then. Small boy still hasn’t got a bird – need to start looking for him shortly ! Abbie has a mate- Leanne who is stunning and her mate is going out with Kieran so watch this space. Abbie and JAck are all luvved up again. nothing more to relay, speak soon. Love and miss you loads _ AngieXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

30 Jan xxxx
Hiya Mandy, just to say its quite disappointing you haven’t loaded up any pics yet. C’mon get a move one!! We are dying to see the pics of you in that wetsuit!! HA HA! Better you than me aye? Seriously, we need visuals! Hope you’re having a lovely time, and keep the blog updated so we know you are enjoying yourself. Lots of love….Greeba xx

30 Jan xxxx
How clever am I – your spelling is terrible – never mind teaching English – you need to learn it yourself ! By now you should be in Sydney in 40 degrees – joy ! Got my baby back tonight and guess what – he’s on solid food and all grown up ! Chelsea says he’s the only person (apart from her) who could go away for 3 weeks to Thialand and come back whiter than when he went ! I think he spent a lot of time in the room (reading !!!!) in the air conditioning. He’s read three whole books (not even Janet and John ) ! Everyhting here tedious as usual – trying to book to take the girls away at Easter but so expensive – Egypt is £600 to £700 each ! turkey is cheaper but will probably be chilly – so we’ll see ! Also trying to book with Julie for June but my holidays clash with you coming home so will have to sort it – I would like to be home when you arrive but will have to come back on the Friday to go away ! Anyway – bed time now so take care and I will ring you Friday hopefully ! Love you loads, Angie XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

17 Jan xxxx
Hello you !!We miss you !! It was lovely speaking to you before you left the UK.
The girls came round on Saturday night – lots of champagne and I had a
glass for you ! It was lovely catching up with them. Myself and Sophie
have been talking about our trip to meet you !! Getting excited even
thinking about it……..Have you an e-mail I can send messages to rather
than this blog thing ??? If so e-mail me on [email protected]
LOL Lyn xxxxxxxx

15 Jan xxxx
Hi,Great to speak to you last week, hope the first few days of your adventure have been good, you will be fine, you will meet lots of great people and have a fantastic time. It is really sad news about Ellie, but I was talking with Angie and you will still have a super time, get to do everything you want to do. Julie Palmer hired a camper van when she went to oz and she said that all of the sites are really friendly and she met load of people. Before you know it you will be throwing Tuna pasta bake and red wine parties at your camper.Just makes sure you always stop at a camp site and you will be fine.Keep in touchlolJoe xxxx

14 Jan xxxx
Hello !!!Not sure if this is going to work or not but I will have a go !!!Lyn xxxx

12 Jan xxxx
Looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to, who with and where :)All the best Mandy Sarah xx

12 Jan xxxx
18 Oct 2011 – start of travelblog



  • Roisin is sorting herself out shes got a new job which is sound i think she was saying that her drinking was a problem so she decided to stay away from that sort of environment so shes just accepted a job at BBar being the manager.
  • you all have a light if your at red you can't take anymore work, if your at yellow you work until you get to green and if your at green you have to help out the reds.