Mandy does the world! – New Zealand 12

New Zealand is lovley from what i have seen – Aukland is like a mini Sydney which is lovely. Got here Friday am at 1am and stayed at the harbour in a lovley hotel, the oranges – tracey, mike and baby came to meet me in the afternoon, it was great to go for a drink with people and people i know! then mike went out to wet babys head and tracey took me to hers! she lives about 40 mins from the city and has the most amazing views – really lovely, had a bottle of wine and lots of chat then bed! my caravan arrived sat as there is lots of buliding going on here so i have my own van but it is much cooler here so its good! went to a family BBQ yesturday and all went in the hot tub! i could live with one of them! today i am going to town to plan my time while i am here – think i will go up the north to the bay of islands for a couple of days later this week – then sat there is a wine festival then next week we are going as a family to a resort area then back and i will head on the magic bus for about 15 day trip round the south island – i wont be bunjying or parasailing but think i will go on the hotairballoon and helicopter ride and i will even go on the 360 jet boat not sure of the rafting think i am too chicken really! will let you know!

Well im off to town now – take care xx

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