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30 Jul 2024

July 6, 2024


We got into Minneapolis yesterday. We drove through lots of farm land and dairy farms. Imagine, dairies in Wisconsin! Im loving the whole cheese curds thing! Theyre basically just little balls of cheese, but theyre just the right size for snacking, and come in a plethora of different tastes, like taco or garlic and dill. Mmmm mmmm mmmm! The countryside is also dotted with cheese factories and stores. They really are cheese heads up here! As we came from St. Paul to Minneapolis, there were detour signs for I-35W, the bridge that collapsed last year. What a stark reminder of how precious life is. The signs say the roadway should be opened soon, within 2 weeks.

We pulled into the Town and Country Campground, and its beautiful. Theres not a lot of shade, but enough to offer some respite, a small pool deck area, playground and lots of grass.


There is a huge RV rally here next weekend, and already the different groups are starting to arrive. The association, Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) is one that we belong to, but we decided long ago we wouldnt be going to the rally. (Rallies are large RV conventions.) The group that seems to have gathered here are the ForeTravel Club, owners of ForeTravel RVs. Whew-wee those rigs are beautiful! Most are at least 40 ft., and all are decked out to the nines! Im going to try and tlak my way into one of them so I can see what they look like inside. Hey, Im just being neighborly!

The campground is on the south side of town and affords easy access to the stadium, Mall of America and Princes Paisley Park Studios. Now cmon, I stalked the Contessa, you know I cant be this close and not stalk Prince!

We headed out early for the Twins game. We took the RV to the game and got to park in the bus parking, just outside one of the gates. Its the closest weve ever been to a gate before. And there were several drivers who stayed with their buses, so it was like having security right next door! (An added bonus since now the thing to do is siphon gas out of peoples tanks!) The park is an enclosed one and looks like a big circus tent inside. Its really cool!


This is one that is multi-purpose and houses both baseball and football (notice the racks of seats folded up in the outfield.) The corridors are mall-like, but not like Yankee Stadium where one feels claustrophobic, its really like a mall. As with the other parks, they have banners with the retired jersey numbers hanging from the ceiling. Did you know that Harmon Killebrew was the figure in the MLB logo? I didnt either! He played here so they have the symbol everywhere. Our seats were up high behind home plate.

We moved around a couple times during the game, and every seat was a good one! It was then that I realized what was missing on the field; the dugouts. Since we were behind the plate, we couldnt see them because theyre recessed into the wall under the stands.

Very cool! As in Milwaukee, the crowd was very subdued, very polite. Nothing like NYC or LA, thats for sure. And another feature thats neat about the park is that they play true organ music. I love polka music, so, much to the delight of my husband, I was jammim along in my seat. Before the game the announcer gave credit to the long time organist. I dont remember her name, but what a cool gig, eh? Or as they say up here, dont cha know!  They also have alcohol-free sections at this park. They call them family friendly sections. I think thats a great idea. Lord knows I wouldnt want my kids (if I had any) seating next to some of the ya-hoos weve come across on this trip. Nothing says maturity like a drunken idiot at a game. Now, my two favorite things at this park were the following signs. The first one is a food directory. Its about time! And it had pictures on it with logos.

One doesnt have to actually read the sign to know where to find stuff. You just look at the pictures. And the other sign was this one:

Nuff said, eh? Talk about different geographical cultures! In CA this would pertain to gang bangers. In Minnesota its just those who hunt and carry them as matter of their 2nd Amendment right to do so. Truth be told, I trust them up here more than I would in CA! As for the hot dogs at this park, they were delicious, but not award winning. Now the popcorn is worth mentioning. By far its the best Ive had at any commercial establishment. They serve it hot and salty, the way its supposed to be, with just a hint of butter. Im really going to have to diet once I get home. I have been out of control on the road! Theres a severe thunderstorm warning thats just been issued, so Im going to pack a bag and wait to see if they sound the siren. If they do, were supposed to head to the storm shelter at the office. How can people live in this stuff? Give me earthquakes anyday! I dont want to know that theres impending danger! I prefer ignorance in these matters!

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