Mi Cuento 13 January 2009 – Ecuador 8

Hola familia y mis amigos!  I am on my second week in Quito.  I am living with a very nice family cerca de Parque Metropolitano Bellavista.  Below me are two other girls in the same complex.  During the week I go to Conservation Biology for 3 hours at USFQ, an ultra fancy, non representative of Ecuador, University in Cumbaya, and yes, that is actually the name of a real place, not just the campfire song that we all so much enjoy. The busride is 25 cents! I am surrounded by mountains, including the giant Pichincha.  Traffick fumes are bad, but it is easy to get a break and surround yourself with crazy vegetation. My favorite thus far are the monkey puzzles!  I have been exploring the town and improving my spanish, communication is coming quite easily. This weekend involved too many night in La Mariscal, a part of the city with many hostels and bars.  On the weekend it feels like Ecuadorian Mifflin! There are 25 of us in the program and we all get along pretty well.  The weather is 60 to 80 during the day, cold in the shade, very hot sun. jackets and sweaters are required.  I already had my first bout with E. Coli.  But all is well now.  i eat a banana almost very day, always soup with dinner, always some kind of meat. There are unbelievable fruits and juices here, guanabana is my favorite.  Next weekend, our group will go to Pahuma Orchid Reserve.  We are backpacking uphill 3 hours to a rustic cabin, sin agua, sin electricidad, super chevere.  I can{t wait to get out of the city and learn about the flora and fauna of montane regions! Excited for the inaugeration, woooo Obama!  I hope to write again soon, and that every one is well in the frigid North.  Winter sports and irish coffee by the fire will get you through! Feel free to drop me an email if you have the time, I{d love to hear from anyone. Que vayan bien, chao

La Jamie

ps. I will try to figure out pictures soon

Posted from Ecuador:

posted Tuesday January 2009