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FHD 111 made an inaugral visit across the channel on Monday!

An early start and a ferry crossing from Dover to Calais saw us arrive in sunny France (safe from the terential rain which was falling in the UK). Ate breakfast on the ferry – smoked salmon and scrambled eggs in Lanham’s Brasserie well worth the extra money to avoid the queues.

On arrival in Calais parked up to lower the roof and to get some Euros. Lots of French people turning to look at the mad English people who were going to drive around topless!

Sunny drive down the coast towards Cap Gris Nez (avoiding Sangatte) where we parked up and made use of the only available mobile coverage – need to get roaming set up on my mobile – to let people in the UK know how sunny it was. Southern England being drenched by terrential downpour.

Continued down through Boulogne to Le Touquet, lots of French people turning their heads to admire the car (or was it the occupants?) Managed to remember that the French drive on the wrong side of the road, even managed to go round the roundabouts anti-clockwise.

Parked up and had a meal at Le Plage Paris. Waitress seemed intent on avoiding any attempt at a smile and speaking at us as fast as possible. Hazy memories of GCSE French came flooding back and the food we ordered seemed to match exactly what we had ordered – although Tanya hadn’t been entirely sure what she was ordering when she ordered it and was even less sure as she ate it!

After lunch wandered down to the beach where there were some amazing sand castles (sculptures) which were set up to look like pyramids, sphynxs and the like – could see more than enough from outside the fence to bother paying for the pleasure of looking at them though.

Walked back to the car and drove through the middle of Le Touquet before heading back towards Calais. Lots of locals looking at the car “Oh c’est un MG!” “Oui c’est le MG B!”. I thought the French hated all things British but given the large numbers of French Burberry wearers it seems that they do like some British things. There was even “Le Discotheque Chatham” but we decided that there was not enough time to sample it’s delights…

On the drive back the heavens eventually opened but the need to test “how quickly you can get it up” (the roof of the car) also freed up space behind the drivers seat for our visit to the Cite d’Europe.

Car safely loaded up we headed to the ferry port where we were informed of a 20 minute delay, unlike at Dover there’s no chance to get a decent coffee or something to eat once through customs in Calais. Crossing was choppier than way over to France and drive back up the M20 in terrential rain tested the seals around the hood of the MG. Saw another MG struggling home through the rain and waved as we passed. Returned home safe and dry with plenty to fill the fridge and a desire to reutn to Europe in the MG later in the summer.

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21 Jan 2007
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