My Russian Rendezvous – USA 3

October 8th So…tired…Novogrod was nice, but I am just so wiped from staying up so late last night. I woke up at about 10:00 AM and I couldn’t go back to sleep, so I got up, and showered extra long isnce I was just too tired to take one last night, and bundeled up for the harsh winds. My tummy was supringly hungry, but I wasn’t ready to go out just yet. First I called Sylvia and let her knowhow my trip ws going so far, and then I called my mom to let her know how I was holding up so far in a foreign country. finally at about 11 I was ready to leave and go touring again, though I really needed a coffee or something… I drove straight out to Novogrod without stopping for anything, I figured I would just get something when I got there…which took 2 hours…I stopped at this quaint Ilmen Cafe and got 5 Russian cakes for $0.15 a piece and a lemon cake for $0.25…the sugar rush definately helped. Well, after I was done stuffing my face full of the things that make me happy, I continued onto my destination, the “1000 Years or Russia” monument, the 2nd most popular there. It was created to honor the firstprince of Russia, Rurik, who ruled in 862. So, a thousand years later, Alaxander held a contest for a design for something to honor the thousand years that have passed, some young Russian artist named Mikeshin won, so it was built and opened in 1867. The awesome thing is, ist shaped likea bell and has 128 figures of popular Russians, picked out by Alaxander himself. Thank you lobby pamphlets for telling me this!! After admiring the unique designs, staring at the long since passed artists, writer, Romanov family members, and others that had enough renown to make it on the monument, I went back to the little cafe, except this time I went into the restaurant on the second floorand ordered a meal for $5.00. I was THOUROUGHLY exausted after all of this! It took me another 2 hours to get back, which was at about 7:30, 8:00 PM, and since I was too tired to swim or indulge in any other activities, I soaked in the tub and watched some Russian soap operas, which aren’t as fun if you cant tell what they are arguing about.. ~Caitlin

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posted Wednesday April xxxx