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09 Feb xxxx

Well its been a long time since my last post. about a month anyway. I finally remembered my password.for the past two weeks i have been in hampi which is the most amzing place. i founbd it really hard to leave as a knew pretty much everyone there and got into a routine…..which is always dangerous.Everyday i would go of for miles trekking and rockclimbing. It was so much fun. After the first couple of days i found that i know longer felt the need to drink. At all. I don’t know what it was but ity was great. I could go out and not feel the need to get drunk witch is very wierd for me anyway!”I met so many people and in the end i met a guy called Amir. A 30 year computer prgrammer from newyork whgo is the most interesting guy so ive been learning all about computer sciance. We also managed to convince two isrtali girls to come with us to Kudai kanal but thy had to go to hospital in Bangalore  and we are now waiting there arrival. Me and Amir have gone halves on a guitar for 2000 Rupees (27 pounds). Its small and black but it i so cool and has a great sound.  he said if i can’t afford it hell buy it off later.Last night we had a biut of a party in our room with eople from all aroubnd the world. Probably one of the most interesting evenings ive had. One thing i was’nt expecting was the rain. it rained for at least7 hours hard. Our bathroom was flooded with water and…..well soimething else… ., Kodaikanal is about 2200 meters up so its pretty damn chilly and since we got here yesterday the fog has no lifted so trekking, shooting and horseriding are for now put of the question so were just kindof waiting around . PLaying guitar, cards etc etc. Eating alswell. All we do all day is eat. Every shop here has huige chocolate selections and theres bakery s everywhere aswell as the rest of the usual indian eateries and other interesting concepts also known as food.Have met quite a few people who have caught Dangi fever which is from mosquitos and is similer to maleria and can be pretty nasty. Theres some aother really quite interesting parasites around, some really aren’t worth thinking about!!!IM probably going to spend maybe 3 or 4 nights in Kodai the head south west to Kerala backwaters, then north up the coast to Golkarna then about 30  hours east to pondicherry. Im kinda doing things in a funny order but its ok as have found the answer to long distance travel…………. but i can’t write it here……

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