Patsy’s travels 2005 – Syrian Arab Republic 11

(Jerash, Amman) Jordan (Day 5)

During the day we went to Jerash, small town north of Amman. The Roman ruins was an absolutely massive site comprising of a hippodrome, temples, churches, streets, drainage and theatre etc. In the streets you could still see the dents from the carridges that horses use to pull, in the theatre there is a spot where if you stand and speak, it sounds like the sound of your voice is coming out of headphones. We also watched a show in the hippodrome teaching us the technics that the roman army used, what gladiator fighting was about and we watched a charriot race. Well put together and our tour guide was this amazingly old man who knew everything about history who taught me more that the history text books at school ever did.

The last photo shows me looking absolutely pooped after having a very eventfull weekend in Jordan, the following morning we return to Damascus. I will miss Jordan!
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posted Saturday March 2014