Patsy’s travels 2005 – Syrian Arab Republic 13

Jordan, Day 3 (Shopping & Cinema):

We set off for Jordan. With 6 checks of checking passports, the car passports again in 39c degree heat, it took 2 hours to cross the boarder. The picture was taken on the Jordanian side to celebrate our trimuph!

We stayed at Yamama’s amazing flat in Amman the capital. Since it took 5 hours travelling from door to door we decided to go shoe & handbag shopping and I am happy to say that I purchased 3 handbags, 1 purse and 2 pairs of shoes, and no…they are not all the typical ‘Patsy’s handbag’. Jodan is fantastic for this. Afternoon tea at a rather nice French pattiserie where an old man tried to pay our bill for us. We went to the cinema, apparently there are no cinemas in Syria…At all.
Posted from Syrian Arab Republic:

posted Friday March 2014


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