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3 June 2007


Bangkok, Thailand


Almost feel like the Bill Murray character in that movie as I am back in Bangkok and it is the same thing all over again! The Shangri-La is a wonderful hotel and it is sure nice to br back in creature comforts of this variety.


I arrived very late after a twelve hour flight from Auckland, the limo that picked me up was well-appreciated. The flight was characterized by a drunk couple sitting in front of me that consumed way too much free booze. At one point the male, who already had a wrist bandaged got up to use the facilities and fell and smacked his head. The plane had a doctor on board that administered assistance and bandaged the sots head so he looked like something out of 1776! The bandaged head and wrist. They cause such a commotion, I was fearful the A-340 would have to put down and remove them from the plane. Fortunately, things calmed down and the rest of the flight was uneventful. I heard the guy has to spend a night in the hospital as a precaution. Serves him right. Of course, to add to the drama , a couple of screaming kids all the way to Bangkok didnt help either.


I only have two full days in Bangkok so I set out out  to do more sightseeing and people watching. Yesterday, I went to the Grand Palace  and the Emerald Buddha. It was an awfully hot day and  protocol requires long pants to enter the grounds of the Palace and Temple. It has been a long time since I ve gotten heat headaches so the afternoon was spent at the Chao Praya pool of the Shangri-la. The Palace and Temple are grand and people here revere their King even though there is all kinds of political turmoil going on in town. There is to me, no evidence of anything going on, but turn on the TV and thousands are protesting for/against amnesty for an old government. The newspaper puts the head count at 300 people, so you figure which medium is truthful.


I do enjoy Thai food as I dined in the same outdoor restaurant two nights in a row. Tom Yum soup with seafood and Prawns with Basil. Wow, was it good.


Today, I have a car picking me up in a few minutes to travel to the floating markets. Famous for the small boats that float in the Chao Praya and sell all kinds of food, flowers and other stuff. Should be fun!


This afternoon, I am off for the airport and Kuala Lampur to spend the night. I could not get a direct flight, so I have to spend the night in KL and get to Bali tomorrow afternoon. I have an appointment, of sorts with the furniture manufacturer around three oclock. We shall see what they have to offer for a product. In the meantime, you journey well.

(Hey Doug. Isnt Greece the best, reading your account, I want to detour to Symi! Havent been there but do enjoy the Greek Islands. Santorini is a favorite! Enjoy your travels)

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