Ponyboy’s Adventures, Summer 2006 – USA 2

Hey, everyone!

So, it’s been a few months since my last blog post- I went back to Seattle from India, & then about 3 weeks later left for almost 3 months! I roadtripped it down to Phoenix, where I’ve been taking an 8-wk Armenian class & staying @ my aunt & uncle’s house. Class started pretty much RIGHT when I got here, & between the 4 hrs/day of class, the 2+ hrs of homework every night, & the (literally) 110-degree weather, I’m either doing something class-related or un-melting my brain on the couch. Or gone for the weekend- in fact, I’ve been here 6 weeks, & this past wknd was the 1st one where I was actually in Phoenix the whole time! (after school on Friday, I felt an old, almost unfamiliar feeling- RELAXATION! I was so happy to get to hang out @ the (empty) house all afternoon & evening & not have to do homework or drive anywhere. Phew!)

Anyway- speaking of homework, it’s over there calling me. . . but I just wanted to tell y’all that I know I said I might keep this blog up while I was here, & I intend to (try to) update it all here before I leave (-ish). I’ve been many places since India, if you can believe that!

For now, know that I’m doing well, had AMAZING times @ the US Social Forum in Atlanta, & will make time to write here as soon as I can. And if you feel like it, send me words or call- Phoenix is WEIRD, & kinda isolating for me. I’ll explain later. (but don’t worry- I’m doing well!)

Stesootyoon! (“see you soon!” in Armenian)

—- xo,


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posted Tuesday July 2007


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