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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does ZoneEdit provide”How do I get started” What nameservers do I use”Why are you called “ZoneEdit””What are ZoneEdit’s policies”What are ZoneEdit’s terms of service”How long will the offer for free service last”Why is there a free offer” What does ZoneEdit get out of it”I would like to offer a service similar to ZoneEdit to my clients. Is that possible”How can I contact ZoneEdit”How reliable are ZoneEdit’s servers”Where’s the best place to buy inexpensive domain names”How does your billing system work” Is your service free”How much are your services” Are there any limits to what you provide”I lost my password! Can I get it sent to me”I want to link to you. Do you have any link images”Do you filter out SPAM”What language was ZoneEdit written in”You are blocking/filtering my network, what should I do”My website says that “ZoneEdit DNS services for this domain have expired”. What should I do”

General Questions:

What is DNS”What is Dynamic DNS, and do you offer it”Where can I learn more about DNS”How can I host multiple web sites on one IP address”My ISP blocked port 80, how can I run a web server”How can check to see if DNS is working”I set up an MX record and my mail doesn’t work, why”How can I backup/download my zone files”What’s your favorite movie”Do you donate to charities”Help! What’s the best way to stop spam”

Domain Management:

What can I control via the Domain Manager”What is an “A” record”What is an “MX” record”What is a “CNAME” record”What is a WebForward”What is Cloaking”What is a MailForward”How do I create a default MailForward for my domain”How do I MailForward the same mailbox to multiple recipients”Does ZoneEdit support round-robin DNS”How do I enable secondary, backup or slave DNS service”How do I enable backup mail” How does backup mail work”How can I delete a zone”How can I delete my account”Why can’t I have the same domain name in multiple record types”Why can’t I delete the “A” record for the root name of my domain”How many records can I create for my domain name”How does your failover service work”How do I set up reverse DNS”What services does ZoneEdit provide”ZoneEdit hosts reliable DNS servers, domain registration, e-mail servers foremail forwarding, and web servers for URL forwarding and parked domains. ZoneEditprovides a convenient single-location, integrated, web-based domain manager for configuringall of the services provided.

How do I get started” What nameservers do I use”Here’s a simple step by step set of instructions on how to get started:

   – you must buy or already own a domain name from a registrar   – sign up for the service using complete information   – you will get your password via email in about 1 hour   – log in to your account and click “add zones”   – enter the domain name that you want DNS services for and click “add”   – a pair of nameservers will be assigned to you   – contact your registrar and tell them to change the nameservers for your domain   – wait 3 days for the change to take placeWhy are you called “ZoneEdit””In DNS terminology, a domain name is a single entry, like “” or just “”.A “Zone” is a collection of one or more domain names, all having the same ending. For example, “”is a zone that contains “”, “”, and “”. Another example of a zoneis “.com”, which contains all domains that end in “.com”. When you sign up for ZoneEdit service, you are able toedit the DNS entries that are within your “Zone”. Hence, “ZoneEdit”.What are ZoneEdit’s policies”Check out our policies page.What are ZoneEdit’s terms of service””Check out our terms page.How long will the offer for free service last”The first 5 domains you add to the system are free, as long as thesedomains do not exceed our bandwidth limits. If you add any additionaldomains after your 5th free domain, you will be charged a zone creditfor that domain. If you decide that you do not want one of the first 5free domains, you cannot add domain #6 or beyond without incurring azone credit charge. The free domains are for the first 5 domainsregistered ONLY!If a domain is getting a lot of traffic (like a million hits/year),then that zone will stop being free. Reseller accounts are never free.Zones which use backup mail service, or tertiary DNS are also not free.

Example: Domains 1 through 5 are added to the systemand are free. Domain #3 is removed and Domain #6 is added. Domain #6will be charged a zone credit as only the first 5 domains added arefree. You will be charged for 1 credit in this example even though only5 domains are active.

We currently have no plans to change this offer.

For the complete details, read our pricing schedule, and, for our official policies,read our policies page.

Why is there a free offer” What does ZoneEdit get out of it”Like the proven “shareware” business model, we believe that once you put 5 of your domains on our system,you will enjoy the convenience of our integrated Domain Manager so much that you won’t mind paying a nominalfee to expand your usage of our system to include all of your domains.If you add less than 5 domain names to the system, and your live domains remain below our bandwidth limits,then enjoy using our services free of charge! Don’t forget to tell your friends what you think of our service!I would like to offer a service similar to ZoneEdit to my clients. Is that possible”We offer a unique service to ISP’s, registrars, or anyone else who has clients that would need to manage theirdomains. Our site is constructed in a way that makes it possible (even easy!) for you to wrap our product in thelook and feel of your existing web site, so that you are providing our service to your clients. Your clientsdo not even need to know about ZoneEdit — the service offering is yours, not ours!How can I contact ZoneEdit”Check out our contact page.How reliable are ZoneEdit’s servers”ZoneEdit runs on top-tier NOCs, with dieselbackup power and multiple fiber lines to backbone providers.We continue to improve our network, ensuringthat ZoneEdit is the most robust DNS provider on the Internet.

In the event of a partial outage, the DNS system automatically fails over to another network – withoutlosing a query.

We run monitoring scripts on all of our servers, tracking CPU utilization, traffic, and response time toall services.

If high reliability is a concern, we allow you to pay extra to tier-up the average speed and reliability yourservice. You do this by adding a 3rd and 4th nameserver to the system. At 4 nameservers, youruptime would be 99.99999%. At 3 nameservers your uptime is 99.998%, at 2 (standard), theuptime is 99.5%.

What do all these percentages mean” They reflect our best estimates of the worst total outages we havehad in any given year, for any nameserver set, divided by the number of hours in that year.

Where’s the best place to buy inexpensive domain names”You can register domain names directly from your ZoneEdit account. Simply click on the “Manage Domain Registrations” link.

How does your billing system work”

Here’s how the billing cycle works:

When you make a purchase – we add ‘zone credits’ to your account

When a domain is added to the system, your account is debited by 1 and the start date is set on the domain

Just like when you buy a domain name, this debit is permanent unless you delete it within a few days.

Every time 1 year or 200MB of usage is used (1 million DNS queries), 1 debit is added to your account for the zone

Extra (third, fourth) nameservers hosted by ZoneEdit cost an extra ‘zone credit’ (1) per year

Failover monitor service costs an extra ‘zone credit’ (1) per year

Backup mail service also costs an extra ‘zone credit’ (1) per year

When the number of debits exceeds the number of credits in youraccount, we will send a reminder notice to the billing contact listedon your account. After 30 days we will send several warning messages to both contacts listed.

We will never turn off an account until 30 days have passed after we have sent warning messages

*FREE accounts are ones where the usage is less than 200MB per domain, and there have been fewer than5 domains added to the account, and no premium services have been used. Only the first 5domain names added to your account are free.

How much are your services” Are there any limits to what you provide”The pricing structure is: Free – first 5 domains added with under 200MB usage each $10.95 – 1 zone credit $49.95 – 10 zone credits $99.95 – 25 zone credits$349.95 – 100 zone credits*You only get debited when you add a zone to the system. Unused credits never expire.Usage that counts towards your quota includes bytes transferred during DNSqueries, delivery of parked home pages, delivery of URL forwarding information, anddelivery of forwarded e-mails. If you do not use WebPark, WebForward and MailForward,then only DNS queries will count towards your total usage.For example if a single domain goes over 200 MB of transfer during a year, then it counts as TWO domains,if it goes over 400MB, then it counts as three, etc.Usually DNS hits are cached, so even the busiest sites won’t go over the 200 MB limit.200 MB should get you about 1,000,000 DNS queries. A typical site uses 5 MB per year of DNS bandwidth.There is no limit to the number of subdomains or records that your zone may contain.If you go over your credit limits, we will send a billing notice. Free users can always cancel theiraccount without obligation after receiving a billing notice.I lost my password! Can I get it sent to me”In addition to your email address, you have to remember either a) Your Name or b) One of the domains your are editing.Click here to fill out the lost-password form.A new password will be sent to your email address, or we will make a phone callto the number we have on file, if your email is not available.

If both your email and your phone number have changed, then you need to:    – update the technical contact info for all the domainnames in your account with a working email address    – email us and tell us that you lost your password, and you wantus to send it to the contact info from your domain names

This manual process can take many days, so it’s advisable to ensure that youalways have accurate contact info on file with us.

Our security is strict, and we do not make exceptions to these procedures under any circumstances.

I want to link to you. Do you have any link images”We appreciate text links just as much, but if you want, you can use this one: zoneeditrocks-5841043 or this one zoneeditpower-3430919.Or you can sign up to become a paid banner affiliate using ClickXChange.

Here’s a list of websites that have recently referred new users to ZoneEdit.

Do you filter out SPAM”Yes! ZoneEdit’s mail forwarding service filters out SPAM. We block mailoriginating from machines that are running as open proxies, that areinfected with viruses, that are running on networks that support bulkemail operations, and more. We also block attachments thatcontain viruses, and mail that fails to comply with various standardinternet practices. We always request that the sending mail server sendrejection letters to the sender, so they can see that their mailfailed, and contact us or the recipient about the issue.

What langage was ZoneEdit written in”ZoneEdit was primarily written in SMX, a powerful macro-processing language. In addition,PERL is used extensively to manage jobs, queues, etc.

You are blocking/filtering my network, what should I do”Firstoff, your ISP is probably failing to adhere to Internet standards. Thisis the foremost cause of block complaints. They may be allowing virusesto spread, or hackers and spammers to use their network.

First, look up your IP address using this blacklist checker. It can provide useful information.

Next, do a [email protected].

For fast service, please include the phrase “Whitelist Request”, and include the IP address and the email address that is being blocked in the subject of your mail, along with a copy of the rejection letter. We are very good about quickly correcting these situations, if you are good about providing evidence of the legitimacy of your request.

Here’s a list of websites that have recently referred new users to ZoneEdit.

My website says that “ZoneEdit DNS services for this domain have expired”. What should I do”YourZone has expired and there are not enough credits in your account torenew the service. Log into your account and add credits toautomatically renew the zone management for that domain name.What is DNS”DNSis the technology that ties text-based domain names to the numeric IPaddresses that are necessary to locate the domain’s server on the net.Click here to view a simplified picture of how DNS works.What is Dynamic DNS, and do you offer it”Dynamic DNS is necessary when the IP address of a server tied to a domain name constantly changes. This istypical when the server connects to the Internet using a modem. In Dynamic DNS, the server contacts the DNSprovider each time its IP address changes in order to update the DNS entry for the domain hosted by the server.See /doc/dynamic.html for more information about our dynamic DNS offering.Where can I learn more about DNS”

Click here to view a simplified flowchart of how DNS works.

The DNS Resources Directory is an excellent place to start, containing agood list of DNS information.

ISC BIND is the standard in DNS server software and isdistributed for free at

We have compiled a list of DNS RFC’s which gives you all of the intricate detailsabout the DNS protocol.

O’Reilly publishes DNS and Bind, anexcellent book, and the industry standard manual for understanding and using DNS.

How can I host multiple web sites on one IP Address”

You can set up as many domains as you want pointing to the same IP Address using DNS,just keep adding zones, and setting the IP addresses.

However, you need a web server that uses the ‘host’ header to route the differentdomains to different web instances.

Apache Info: Using name-based Virtual Hosts Microsoft IIS Info:

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