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Day 4: Left Steph dozing while Nick and I went in search of breakfast, after which we packed and got a tuktuk to the northern bus station where we boarded a bus to Vang Vien, just north of Vientiane. About 5 hours, much honking of horns and several near misses later, we arrive safely at our destination. Loved the trip here. The further north we went the first glimpses of mountains in the misty distance became a reality and farmland gave way to jungle like vegetation. It is EXTREMELY beautiful here. We managed to find accommodation and enjoyed a Christmas dinner while lying down at our table watching re-runs of ‘Friends’. Costs of the holiday are generally higher than budgeted but this is mainly due to Nick’s unwillingness to try local cuisine! European food options are 4+ times as expensive as local food! Ces’t la vie!

Day 5: Woke up early again and walked to another international breakfast place. Owner and mother of 4 girls spoke excellent English and the view from our table was gorgeous. Booked in for a tour of local caves, kayaking and visiting local village for tomorrow. Catching up on internet now and then hiring bicycles for a self-tour of the local area. Looking forward to tomorrows trip immensely! P

lan to stay 2 more nights here before moving on to Luang Prabang.

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